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URGENT OT NEWS - $42,500 Research Grant request for proposals


This research is funded by donations from the OT Community and a special grant from the Lundbeck. This is would not have been possible without your help!

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Announces Research Grant Money up to $42,500 US for PRIMARY ORTHOSTATIC TREMOR

NORD is accepting applications for a total of $42,500 US for scientific and/or clinical research studies related to primary orthostatic tremor (POT). Primary orthostatic tremor is a rare neurological movement disorder, with symptoms usually beginning in the sixth decade of life. POT is characterized by a rapid, high frequency tremor in the legs that occurs when standing, accompanied by an almost immediate feeling of unsteadiness or imbalance. The tremor is not visible to the naked eye but may be palpable, and often disappears when an affected individual walks, sits, or lies down. In some cases, affected individuals also may have a tremor affecting the arms. Often the tremors become more severe over time. Stiffness, weakness, and, in rare cases, pain in the legs may develop. The exact cause of POT is unknown. Various medications may help to relieve symptoms associated with primary orthostatic tremor; however, some affected individuals do not respond to these treatments. Thalamic deep brain stimulation has been tried with limited success.


The NORD Rare Disease Research Grant Program was established in 1989 to encourage meritorious scientific and clinical studies designed to improve the diagnosis or therapy of rare “orphan” diseases. Grants will be awarded to qualified researchers to initiate small scientific research studies or clinical trials, the results of which could be used to obtain funding from the NIH, FDA, or other funding agencies, or to attract a corporate sponsor. Procedures or proposed therapeutic trials may be new, based on recent biochemical or pharmacological evidence, or in preliminary stages of clinical investigation. Evaluation of proposals will include careful consideration of protocol design, objectiveness of parameters measured, and statistical evaluation proposed. Protocols that will focus on cause, early detection, diagnosis, or treatment (pharmacological, devices, surgery, or dietary) will be given priority.

Below is a link to the application in Word format: ... 9_POT.docx
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