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I am sure Dr. Torres would welcome new OT people into the next round of studies on OT which will take place in Omaha, once again. All the information I have presently is that he has a "tentative" date of Fall 2013. He has to wait to get all his approvals for research in place before he can decide on a definite date but I had asked him to let me know asap if he has a tentative date so that people can start thinking about whether they can come.

The instant I hear from him on the definite dates I will notify people.

You can email me at and I will add your name to the list of people who want information about this second study. The information I need is this:

Your Name
email address
phone number

Please put it in the above format and I can copy and paste to my list.

Thank you
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to touch base to let you know that I have heard no new news from Dr. Torres re dates.
I know Dr. Torres is adapting his testing based upon the previous findings and we will advise everyone when a new date has been determined.

He is still awaiting approvals on the new studies he is planning.

I currently have 28 new OT people who are interested in hearing information on details for the second round of studies once Dr. Torres advises me of them.

Also, he has indicated that he would like OT people that came to the first session to return if possible and all indications are that the majority of these people will be.

I know he was very pleased and enthusiastic about all this.

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