June 22, 2013 - news and discussion

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Hello Sue,

I have spent the past few hours watching all the sessions from your meeting In Australia; Sue, you are to be congratulated on such a successful meeting. I realize how much time and energy goes into something of this magnitude, having seen what Peggy had to do to organize those held here in the U.S. ~ well done!

I was so impressed to hear Dr. Rodrigues and also see the demonstration of the pressure monitoring platform. I have had that experience myself, but didn't do as well as most shown on the video.

Also, to have had the opportunity to meet both Dr. Marie Vadailhet as well as Dr. Rodrigues must have been wonderful.

Again, thank you for sharing your videos, pictures and notes. Excellent job!

HUGE HEART FELT THANK YOU to Sue and all other members who organised the OT meeting and loaded recordings onto the website making it possible for those of us absent from the convention to see video of the sessions. It was of great benefit to hear Julian's address and questions from members who also had much wisdom to impart regarding day to day living with OT. Your efforts are truly appreciated.
It sounds like a lovely and informative meeting. Unfortunately I am not coming to Queensland til November, so I missed it. How could I find out about a future meeting? I hope there will be one. I would love to come over from California.
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