OT Exercises

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OT Exercises


Hello, I have had OT for about 10 years and it is getting worse. I am on 1,800mg of Gralise with my dinner, plus 2 .05mg of Klonopin daily. Also Neuro Pro 2mg but with little difference and it is expensive.

On my last trip to the Neurologist, it was suggested that I find a gym or therapy group who could provide Balance and Gait exercises. Within 4 visits, 45 minutes each I noticed a good difference and would recommend this.
Thank you, Jim Kraynik 08/03/2020
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Re: OT Exercises

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Hello Jim,
So happy you have found a gym/therapy group and it is helpful to you. Anything we can find to help is always welcomed.
I do wish you the best.
Keep us informed as to how you progress.
Good luck,
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