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By Shakeylegs
:D Composed private message last week and it still in the Outbox. I was signed in properly when it was sent. Please advise or fix.

Thank you
By admin
Hi -

It sounds like you have done everything correctly. The message will remain in the outbox until the recipient reads the message. The benefit is that it allows you to edit the message after composing, and also let's you know if the recipient receives your message.

be well and be safe,
By Shakeylegs
I'm not really that technical, but I know if I compose an email and it is still in the Outbox after I have pressed Send...then there is a problem. It often has to do with the size of an email (too many pictures or attachments) . This can't be the case here. Would this messaging system not be the same as an email ? You press send and it goes to the recipient . Could there be a problem with the Receiver's email? Can you check out if the receiver's info/address is correct please. I just can't buy that a message in the Outbox stays there until the recipient gets it. It makes no sense. :!:
By admin
> Would this messaging system not be the same as an email ?

That is true. Sending a private message is not the same as sending an email. The system has it's own messaging platform for sending and receiving private messages.

But, if the person that you are sending the message to allows for you to send them an email, the system is setup for that too and you can send an email within the forum software. In this case it would perform similar to how you would expect for an email to work. Once it is sent it will not be in your outbox it would be sent directly to their email address.

hope this helps.

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