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By bevnix
Hi All,
Does anybody get all hot and sweaty when trying to hold yourselves up,such as in stores or lines? I get profusely hot and perspire.
Bevnix Maine
By Theresaann
Yes. It's awful and embarrassing. I think it's because of the extreme effort involved to stand up. I resolved that issue by using a Rollator - a walker with four wheels, a SEAT, and hand brakes. I use the seat OFTEN - especially if I have to wait in line. I really don't care what other people think. Sitting on the rollator is what it's for and I pray that God will bless the person who invented it. Good luck. (Purchasing a rollator online is a LOT less expensive than buying one in a pharmacy or a medical supply store. Mine came in two parts VERY easy to assemble - Amazon.)
By bevnix
Thanks so much,I will check Amazon.😀

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