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By gazunni
As my OT’S continue to progress as I age, I am finding that I am having more difficulty walking around in the dark, becoming more unstable and taking very short strides. This happens mostly whenI get out of bed to go the bathroom and try to not wake up my wife.
I am wondering how much the reliance on clear lines of sight have on OT and balance.

Does anyone else have similar experiences?
By Alibaba
Hi gazunni ,
I got the same. Can only walk +/- 200 m if I have a good day. I am 74 yrs and I have OT +/- 15 yrs.
Kind regards
By snickers
Yes, this has also been an issue for a few years now. I often have to reach walls to steady myself, in the dark.I have a small flashlight by my side of the bed, to turn on during night time waking.It has helped guide the way, and ? Makes the trip feel more solid and steady.
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