News from the meeting and study in Omaha NE, with DR. TORRES-RUSSOTTO

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This was such a "kick" to listen to.

Thanks to Erik for his interest and the interview. Why, even my country of residence got a mention and I never even got close to his interview microphone.

Those who were interviewed were very articulate in explaining what the Lonely Disease is like for those of us special enough to have OT. I really appreciated receiving this and hearing the broadcast audio. Now I've got another thing to share with those who are interested in why some of us with OT seem so antisocial. It's going on Facebook next.

Thanks to all who participated.
Rich in Panama
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED...I have just listened and admit finding it emotional....nice hearing `our` Glorious Gloria s voice :) I think I have managed to email the link to my self so I can share it with those that are dear and care ...
another way to enlighten non sufferers , although me thinks they too suffer trying to work `us` out
or just trying to help us through every day life .....thanks ....Didi NZ
Just found out that the original link Erik provided me only worked that day - after that you get a message - " you are not authorized to visit this site". I have now corrected the above link so it should always work. You are now connected to:
Anna Marie Tremonte's home page - she is the producer of the show "The Current" that it was broadcast on through CBC.

Thank you to all concerned,like Di Di, i found it emotional, and lovely to hear Gloria.

My husband laughed regarding the part about pushing and shoving to keep moving , he said i know about that for sure.
I will also share the link with others in England who are interested..

Regards to you all Maureen :D
Thank you so much for posting this!!! I was laughing and felt so good to hear others talk about what I have. It was good to hear Gloria's voice finally, after reading her posts. This group has really been a big help to me and helped me to not feel so alone. Thank you, Sandy :)
Sandy: I do hope that you will be able to come to our next meeting. That date has not been established yet but will be posted when it is . A meeting with other OT people is a very special event!! Come and enjoy ! Gloria
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