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By golfnut
I'm travelling to Ireland shortly and will be passing Bray on the east coast south of Dublin on Friday the 13th September (2013). This evening I will meet Catherine at a hotel just outside Bray - we're really looking forward to it.
It will be a brief meeting as we both have individual plans for Saturday, but we'll have a nice dinner and lot's of time to talk!

This is just a brief posting in case anyone else would like to join us..

Best regards
By Catherine
This is great - to have four (well I know Anne is visiting) in a country this size. Am really looking forward to the exchanges of information and experiences as never have met anyone with OT before

By Di Di
just heard from Catherine that there is now 4...fantastic...any one else out there considering going,
please do ......reflecting on our Sydney gathering ,it is so worth the effort , being amongst friends who `get it` .... :) best wishes to you all ..golfnut ,travel well ...Didi NZ
By adrianoconnor
Hi Folks. I am one of the "Bray Four" and I must say I am really looking forward to the meeting. Like Catherine, I have never met anyone else with OT, including Catherine who only lives one hour away from me. I guess you need a reason to go out and meet some one with the same complaint without seeming too pushy. Any way, we have the reason so lets get to Bray and see what we can come up with. Best wishes from Adrian O'Connor, Ireland
By Catherine
Hi Adrian and the rest of Bray 4 - looking forward to meeting you all - anyone in West Coast of UK reading this - Dublin only an hour away for you and then Bray is just "out the road"??" Ah Go on , go on" as Mrs Doyle would say( Sorry this will be lost on anyone not familiar with TV series called Father Ted)
By admin
Best of luck to the "Bray Four"!

Catherine - it was just under 1 year ago after the Omaha NE, USA meeting when you posted in a discussion about the chance of a meeting in Ireland and within a few weeks one has formed. Very exciting.

I searched for an Irish saying that I was hoping to post here to wish everyone a safe journey. But I found that I liked all of them and I couldn't decide on one : )
By Meem
Hello everyone, my name is Mich (short for Micheline)Davis and I am the fourth person who will be attending the meeting in Bray on Friday. Looking forward to meeting all of you then.
By gloria
Hello Mich: Yesterday I sent you a welcoming e-mail because you registered on the Forum, and today I see you are #4 of those meeting in Bray. I'm so happy you will have the experience of meeting with other OT people. Meetings are the best medicine we have for OT, it is a place where you find understanding and loneliness is not present. My best to all, Gloria
By golfnut
Dear everyone,
first of all warm thanks to the Irish OT'ers who travelled from afar to meet with me and also very generously invited me to dinner. We had plenty of time to chat and I told my story in length and detail and answered heaps of questions. I do realise that my story and my journey: from being severely handicapped by OT to being today almost trouble free - is an amazing and mindboggling story. I am very greateful to the Irish OT'ers for accepting my story for what it is; a one woman story - but an honest one. Perhaps someone will try to follow my steps, perhaps successfully perhaps not. But at least we had a chance to discuss and share experiences.

It must also be told that it is true that the Irish are real party-people!! I had a wonderful evening!!

Now I've played golf for two more days, in sunshine and wind and drizzle of rain. Ireland is lovely!

the nut
By Catherine
It was great to meet other people with OT especially Golfnut who is a person of incredible energy and determination. She was very generous with her time and recounted the full story of her journey to the stage she is at now - with almost no tremors. It did all seem a bit incredible but I think we all left believing that we should give it a try
She was very patient with us and all our questions and spoke to each of us about our own personal experiences. I think the sharing of information between all of us was a great help.
It was a very enjoyable evening but don't believe a word about what she says about us Irish being party people - sure we all had just the one drink and were in our beds by 9.00pm !!!!
By Di Di
Hi sounds like it was a great meeting...........and its agreed sharing with other OT`s face to face is a great worthwhile experience.
Golfnut ...we wait to see you put up an update on your thread [no pressure :)] and really keen to hear more of how you got your OT into line so you can just get on with a near normal life ............

Would love you to come down to the other end of the world!!...another Island [well ,2 actually ] New Zealand .....there are at least 5 of us that would love to meet you and share OT talk and NZ .....
again no pressure ...just a thought ! safe .....Didi NZ
By adrianoconnor
Hi Folks. I must say as one of the "Bray Four" it was a great meeting. It was great to meet other OT sufferers and what Golfnut had to say was most enlightening. It seems that looking at the "whole person",rather than just the symptoms might lead us to some relief from the OT condition. It appears that we can look in other directions for help. I will not say too much about a "new" approach, but leave that to Golfnut to explain, if she wishes to do so.
For my own part, I am making arragements to seek alternative treatment and if it should lead to any success I will let everyone know.
I would like to express my appriciation to all who attended our meeting. It could proove to be a very fortunate move for all of us.
Stay positive. Regards from Adrian O'Connor, Ireland
By gloria
Hello Adrian : I know all too well just meeting with others who have OT is a very comforting experience and I'm happy you have had the opportunity to do so. As for thinking " out of the box" and trying alternative measures might not be a cure but may make coping with OT easier. Will be waiting to hear your results. All the best, Gloria
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