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Hello everyone,
We will be having two planned dinners the week of the research and meeting - one on Tuesday, Sept. 26 and one on Thursday, Sept. 28.

This will accommodate all three Groups of people attending and people can attend one dinner or both - whatever they wish - we will get names later.

We felt we could not have one dinner for everyone as the only night that would have been "possible" was Wednesday night, but then people coming to the first Group would have to stay over another night.
Also, there was no restaurant in the vicinity of the hotel that was large enough for everyone and we would have to shuttle to a restaurant and the committee felt it was too much to be shuttling back to the hotel from the symposium and then shuttling out again for dinner.

All planned meals will be at Crave or another new restaurant opening in May/June at Midtown Crossing (my hotel contact will advise me and I will check this out) and this way the majority of people can just walk to the location.
More on this later.

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