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Hi. I would like to attend the meeting and be part of the research. I sent the requested info to the contact person listed per the initial of my last name, but have not heard anything from Dr. Torres. Is there something else I need to do in order to register for this? I am getting concerned, as some of the less expensive flights are no longer available. Thank You
If you sent your info into the designated person AND advised what Group you want to be in, that is all you have to do.
You will automatically be accepted into the research by doing this.

You can go ahead and make your arrangements. Dr. Torres will contact you with the "TIME/TIMES" of your research appointments. You already have the "DAYS" as per the "GROUP you designate".

Hi Peggy, thank you for the quick reply. I think I must have missed some pieces of info, because I couldn't figure out the group info. From what I could gather, it seems like group 1 and 3 are arriving Sunday, yet group 1 is going home Wednesday and group 3 is going home on Saturday. Not sure why group 3 is staying so long. Also, I saw that group 2 is going home either Fri or Sat, but did not see info on when they are arriving. I apologize if this info is somewhere, but I could not find it. If you could explain all of this to me, I would love to pick a group and attend. Thank You, Pam
Dr. Torres made up 3 Groups and people could pick whichever Group they want to be in:
Group 1 - arrives Sunday and leaves after 5pm on Wednesday
Group 2 - arrives Tuesday night and leaves after 5pm on Friday
Group 3 - arrives Sunday and stays all week until after 5pm on Friday.

You MUST tell your contact what GROUP you want to be in so we can advise Dr. Torres and he can plan accordingly, and he will contact you eventually about the TIMES for your appointments for the research.

Hi Peggy,

There is nothing in my spam folder. I was corresponding with my contact and then all of a sudden there were no replies to my emails. You answered my question re: the groups, so I am all set. I have since had a lovely chat with my contact. First person I have ever spoken to that has OT! We don't know why we had an email 'glitch', but all is good now.

Thank You,
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