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If you are registered on the OT forum you will be receiving an email later this week from the organizers of the meeting with details on how to receive additional information when it becomes available.

You are welcome to post your thoughts on this discussion but please be patient, and when the organizers have additional information it will be posted here or sent to you via email.

By Iksrog05
The poster looks terrific. I like the colors.
Looking forward to seeing some/all of you again in Omaha and look forward to the additional information as soon as it is available.

Happy New Year to all!

Mary Gorski
By Betty
The poster DOES look great! It certainly catches ones attention ~ that's what we want. The more people who see it and question, "What is OT?", the better for us.

My husband, Paul, and I plan to attend the meeting/research in Omaha in September, and I look forward to seeing everyone again. I will eagerly await more information regarding the meeting. I have received one notification via email and await the next, when information is available. I know it requires a LOT of work and organization; thank you to whomever is responsible this year.

Dear Friend of OT - The following is a message from the organizers of the
2017 OT Meeting and Research in Omaha Nebraska. If you have any questions please respond to the contact information below.


Information regarding OT meeting and Research - Omaha 2017

As we advised in our year end letter, Dr. Diego Torres-Russotto and his team from the Nebraska Medical Facility will be conducting their 3rd research studies this September 25 – 29, 2017 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Just to confirm also – all expenses regarding travel, hotel and meals are the responsibility of the person attending.
There is no charge and no expense for participating in the research.

Anyone that is interested in receiving information on this can now send in this information to one of the 3 following OT helpers:

Name -
Complete address -
Home phone number if applicable -
Cell phone number if applicable -
Email address -

If your LAST name starts with the following letter of the alphabet send to the following email address:

A-H - contact Jane –

I - P - contact Nina –

Q-Z - contact Mary-

If you know at this point that you are definitely planning on attending regardless of whether you are accepted into the research, you can advise your contact person of this.

This will then be sent on to Dr. Diego Torres-Russotto who will respond eventually. Everything involving the research was thoroughly explained prior to people attending in the past and I am sure this will happen again.
Myself, or other OT people helping me do not know any details of the research so cannot answer any questions regarding it.

The main thing is that you will now be in the system and receive information as soon as I receive it.

It is also important though to keep in touch with our website – as we will be putting all information on this website. Eventually, as more details are known, we will also be in contact with you directly.

Dr. Torres-Russotto has also advised that they are planning on holding a symposium one afternoon during the week for all OT patients and their partners if they wish to attend – more on this to follow.

As with prior research held in Omaha, we will be organizing some OT social functions that you will be advised of once more info is known.

The last 2 times we all stayed at the same hotel and more info will follow on this also. Many positive comments were received on everything. Dr.
Torres-Russotto and his large team who put on this research did a fabulous job last time and we are looking forward to meeting him again and hopefully gaining some insight and answers! They are obviously very dedicated to helping!

By Betty
Hi Peggy,

I have one question; in your information note you wrote:

"If you know at this point that you are definitely planning on attending regardless of whether you are accepted into the research, you can advise your contact person of this."

Since I was accepted for the last research study program, wouldn't I automatically be accepted for the one this coming September? I will send my personal information to the person indicated.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Hi Betty,
I really have no knowledge on who is going to be accepted or not into the research.

The best thing is to just send in your contact info to the designated person and it will be forwarded on to Dr. Torres-Russotto.

It will be nice to see you and Paul again Betty and I will look fwd to it.

By MikeS
Just wondering if you are not being part of the research what are you going to do for 5 days ? When will they let us know ? I also agree that the poster looks great .
Hi Mike,
I know that you will have plenty of time to make plans after you have been notified if you are part of the research.

Dr. Torres-Russotto has just sent me this timeline for what they are doing:

February and March - finalize protocol

March and April - get approvals for all they are doing

May and June - contact people

Hope this helps,
By Grammiex4
Hello Everyone:
I am looking forward to the September meeting in Omaha. My husband and I plan to attend again for this meeting.
We will drive from Tennessee to Nebraska as we did in 2014. Will be great seeing all of you again and some new
faces I am sure. :P
By MikeS
Hi All
Flights booked .To be honest I wasnt going to come to anymore as I felt as much as I loved seeing you all I was not getting anything from the medical side This meeting however is over 5 days and Dr Torres and his remarkable team were so amazing last time that I couldnt not make the effort .So look forward to seeing you all there
Keep Smilimg
I was just thinking that I may not have mentioned that Dr. Torres-Russotto has stated that anyone that has OT will be accepted into the research.

Just thought I should advise on this and my apologies for not mentioning it sooner.


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