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3 Orthostatic Tremor topics to be discussed at the 19th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders, June 14-18 in San Diego, CA, USA

Smartphone apps provide a simple, accurate bedside screening tool for orthostatic tremor D. Bhatti, R. Thompson, A. Hellman, C. Penke, J.M. Bertoni, D. Torres-Russotto (Omaha, NE, USA)

EEG analysis in 30 patients with orthostatic tremor D. Bhatti, N. Murr, A. Hellman, R. Iske, J.M. Bertoni, D. Torres-Russotto (Omaha, NE, USA)

The following research is not from the Omaha research but also discussed at the 2015 MDS conference -

The long-term outcome of orthostatic tremor C. Ganos, L. Maugest, E. Apartis, C. Gasca-Salas, M.T. Cáceres-Redondo, R. Erro, I. Navalpotro, A. Batla, E. Antelmi, B. Degos, E. Roze, M.L. Welter, T. Mestre, F.J. Palomar, C. Cordivari, P. Mir, A.E. Lang, S.H. Fox, K.P. Bhatia, M. Vidailhet (London, United Kingdom)

The final program for the MDS 2015 conference is available here:
I'm anxiously awaiting the results of the EEG's. The fact that they're reporting on them leads me to believe that they found something. If so, that would be exciting!! Here's hoping!! In any event it's positive to see that OT is a topic of discussion! :)
Hi Wendy

Thank you for finding and posting the results from the EEG study!

The abstract from the smartphone study is also available:

Smartphone Apps Provide A Simple, Accurate Bedside Screening Tool For Orthostatic Tremor -

Bhatti, D., Thompson, R., Hellman, A., Penke, C., Bertoni, J.M., Torres-Russotto, D. - Omaha, NE, USA
EEG Analysis In 30 Patients With Orthostatic Tremor - LINK TO ARTICLE

Bhatti, D., Murr, N., Hellman, A., Iske, R., Bertoni, J.M., Torres-Russotto, D. - Omaha, NE, USA
Both of these studys are a result of the OT research from the University of Omaha Medical Center.
Artifacts where mentioned in the conclusion of the EEG study. Here's a reference article that discusses EEG artifacts, and specifically those from tremors:
Although EEG is designed to record cerebral activity, it also records electrical activities arising from sites other than the brain...

read the full article on "EEG Artifacts" - LINK
Hi there,
Dr. Torres recently returned from an international meeting for Neurologists dealing with Movement Disorders and he reported briefly to me on this so I just wanted to share it with you.


These are his comments:

The meeting went well. We presented two posters of the OT study. You can share this with the community.

1. EEG tests seem to be normal in most OT patients and therefore are not able to diagnose or recognize OT.

2. The SmartPhone Apps are an extremely useful tool to screen for a diagnosis of OT. There was some excitment at the meeting about these results because now anyone with OT symptoms could be tested by a general doctor or neurologist and see if they need to be referred to a Movement specialist for OT. (in case you are not aware, he helped develop this)

Until these two are not published in a peer-reviewed journal their value should not be overstated. We will submit them for publication this year. Please thank all of the participating for their support!!
UNMC - Dr Torres update from Peggy that was presented at the Houston OT meeting


Dr. Torres advised that six doctors that were involved in the research, including himself, are currently working on six different papers that involve: data analysis of the EEG, data analysis of the APP, physical exam data, psychiatric assessment data and balance testing that was done by the physio therapists.Dr. Torres is also working on a literature review of about 450 cases.

There is presently no news on any future research with Dr. Torres and he gave no timeline on when these papers will be complete but Peggy will keep in touch with him regarding these topics and any more news will be communicated through The Forum.

I think everyone would agree that any future research conducted by the Omaha team should be given a priority as far as OT people willing to travel and participate. The fact that the Omaha medical team made up of 30 professionals that conducted this research ALL donated their time to do this speaks highly of them and their dedication to help us.


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