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Differences in brain structure from MRI data of patients w/ Orthostatic Tremor and Essential Tremor

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:08 pm
by admin
New research paper from Julian Benito-Leon, Elan D. Louis, Virginia Mato-Abad, Alvaro Sanchez-Ferro, Juan P. Romero, Michele Matarazzo & J. Ignacio Serrano

After studying differences in brain structure as seen from MRI derived data of patients with Orthostatic Tremor and Essential Tremor, they are concluded that.. “four MRI features alone distinguished the two, OT from ET, with 100% diagnostic accuracy.” and that “Our results suggest that OT and ET are distinct conditions.”

“…we have shown that a data mining approach applied to MRI-derived brain volume and cortical thickness data may differentiate between two tremor disorders (OT and ET), with accuracy of 100%. From a clinical point of view, it is extremely important to differentiate both entities (OT vs. ET), since treatment approach is different.” ... acn3.50947