Teaching Video NeuroImages: The helicopter sign

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Teaching Video NeuroImages: The helicopter sign

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The Helicopter Sign - “A unique feature of Orthostatic Tremor is the sound resembling a distant helicopter during auscultation (use of stethoscope) over the thigh or calf. This “helicopter sign” can also apply to the sound generated during surface EMG of affected muscles.“

This video and accompanying text by Vincent S. DeOrchis, MD, MS, Howard L. Geyer, MD, PhD and Steven Herskovitz, MD combines an EMG chart with the audio of the OT signature sign of the ”helicopter" sound.

Image<Click Image to watch

Link to full article on Neurology.org website

Teaching Video NeuroImages: Orthostatic tremor - The helicopter sign
Neurology April 2, 2013 vol. 80 no. 14 e161
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