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I have had Orthostatic Tremors for about 5 years. I was referred to Dr Troung in Fountain Valley Ca after two doctors had no idea even when I told them what I had as thank you to the internet I just had to put in can't stand but can walk. I didn't tell him this and he ran to get his scope and listened to my legs and said I know what you have and I was correct and he said wow this is a rare disease. He treated it like Parkinson's with Neupro and Clozapine but these were not working. He finally put me on Rytary the generic to Ladopa less expensive and it worked!!! I have been taking it for about 3 weeks now a low dose 195MG and I can stand again.
He has not taken away the Neupro or Clozapine and I have not at this day called him to let him know the happy news. It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I am still new to this drug but what a big difference. If I stand in line for example at the cash register to long I do start to get a little shaky but not like it was.
Three times a day 7am 1pm and 7pm with food and really important to take them on time
I wanted to share this with this site as quickly as possible.

Bonnie Kline
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