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Has anyone had any experience (pos or neg) taking Medical Marijuana for leg spasms and rigidity. My OT has been getting much worse - to the point where I am "furniture walking" most of the time. My GP and my neurologist both suggested I try Medical Marijuana - about 2 months ago, I started a fairly strict regime with high CBD/low THC Medical Marijuana - for about 4 weeks, it really helped. The rigidity in my legs was gone for most of the day; I was again able to go for daily walks. After the initial 4 weeks, the effect of the MM seemed to decrease. Of course, I don't have access to a doctor who actually knows how to dose and monitor the MM, so I'm left to experiment on my I'm looking for others who may have tried MM to help with their OT.
I just bought a bottle of CBD oil from a health store. The employees were not very knowledgeable about it, so I am trying to get info on dosage and what I should do about the medication I am on.....take it with the CBD or stop taking it. I am presently on a rather high dosage of Gabapentin which doesn;t always quiet the tremors.Any suggestions?
I see no harm in taking your regular meds at first - hopefully adding the CBD will actually lessen the need for other drugs. I would recommend starting small and working your way up. If it's oil, then try 2 drops under your tongue 2 or3 times a day. If you are in an area where marijuana is legal, I'd recommend getting a combo high CBD and low THC. its seems the CBD needs thc to be really effective. you can get really low combos -- 20:1 (that's cbd to thc) etc. I find that at bedtime, I need to do at least a 1:1 because straight cbd keeps me awake.
The Dr I saw yesterday prescribed both the oil and a capsule. The oil She said would last for 2 hours but could be used 6 times a day. She said to take 1 capsule in morning and 1 mid afternoon. These last about 6 hours. I don't know the exact dosages because I have to wait about a month to get my mmcard. The state issues these. It is legal in Fl. I'll report back when I try it. BTW.....I asked to not smoke it because I am a former smoker of cigarettes and didn't want to rekindle that habit by smoking.
SBMum wrote: Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:14 am I'd be interested in knowing what kind(s) they recommend especially if they recommend an alternative to smoking. I'd also be interested in learning what strains they recommend. thanks. :)
I received a medical card for both oral and inhalation and both low and high THC. I, personally, couldn't tolerate vaping anything but the low-THC. The High THC made me cough bad and then ultimately gave me a respiratory infection. So, I've experimented with ALL forms of administration and what I've discovered is this:

1. Take SATIVA during the day. It doesn't put you to sleep, it gives you energy, BUT it does little to control pain.
2. For pain and severe spasms, you must take INDICA, which gives the "body euphoria" and reduces much of the pain and helps you sleep.
3. CBD is great for inflammation. It also brings down the euphoria if you overdo your dose.

If you can tolerate it, you should at least vape the low-THC/high-CBD 1:20 (SATIVA). It has an immediate effect on reducing the muscle stiffness and spasms. However, after multiple tests, while it makes you feel better, it does NOT change your standing time. That's wishful thinking (which I did suffer from for a short period until I pulled out the timer!)

I use oral tincture because I'd rather gag over it (mix with Clove oil if you hate their flavoring), than choke over the vaping. I take 15mg in the AM of the SATIVA 20:1 THC, and 15mg of CBD. This allows me to still function at work and gives me some relief.

At about 2pm, I take the 1:1 Hybrid because the longer I'm up and moving, the worse the pain gets.

Around 7pm, I take 15mg INDICA tincture to deal with pain, spasms, and help me get to sleep.

All that said, about 2-3 hours into taking oral tincture, unlike the immediacy of vaping, it creeps up on you. Sometimes quite overwhelmingly. Insure your CBD is nearby.

I've posted some more specific findings on the OT Facebook page, along with a guide to medical marijuana for Parkinson's patients. Everyone is different, unfortunately, so I cannot say my extensive testing will work perfectly for others, but it should give you a good starting point.

Let me throw some cost data in for reference. So, ultimately, I pay about $150-200/mo for about 400mg of each of the 3 high THC products and the High CBD product.

Hope this helps folks.
bobbinj wrote: Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:14 pm I live in FL where medical marijuana is legal. I started with a 1:1 ratio cbd to thc. Didn't help. Went to 40:1. Not sure yet as it takes awhile to adjust. I'll report back after I have used for a month.
Hi Bobbinj,
I live in FL as well & I am interested in your Medical Marijuana trial. Any relief? Where in FL do you live & how difficult was it to obtain?
I've been actively experimenting to find the correct dose and frequency. Unfortunately most everything I've tried changes from one purchase to the next even though it says it's the same strength. When I first started (3 or so years ago) , I noticed some definite improvement (I take oils or concentrates/extracts). However, the result didn't seem to last. I was wondering if it was doing me any good at all - but recently had a week of not taking it at all and soon found out that it had been still working because my tremors were way worse without it.

Thanks, will check that out!

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