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By SBMum
I wonder if anyone has the unfortunate combination of Acid Reflux and OT and Interstitial cystitis? When I had Acid Reflux symptoms in the past, I was able to take Zantac (ranitidine) with seemingly no effects on my OT - but this last time round, the zantac set off my IC. My GI then switched me to Pepcid - within 4 hours I had the worse shaking and tremors ever. He then suggested I try really small amounts of zantac and see if I could tolerate it -- I started with 1/4 of a 150 tablet - definitely helped my reflux and the IC wasn't too bad but as I've increased the amount, I've noticed that my tremors are worse and my legs are incredibly stiff. I can barely walk. Has anyone else experienced a relationship between Zantac and increased tremors? I guess I'll have to stop the Zantac to see if the tremors improve and try to find some other medication to help with the reflux --- does anyone have any suggestions? thanks so much in advance for suggestions.
I have been taking over the counter pepsid for the past couple of weeks for my acid reflux. My OT seems to be a lot worse these last couple of weeks also. I have been wondering why it is worse so
I will stop the pepsid and see if there is a connection. Will update my findings in a few days. Thanks for posting this.
By #Indiana#
I too had to stop lansoprazol as it GREATLY increased my tremors. Omeprazol also did the same. I take ranitidin but it doesnot help as much my reflux but it does not affect my tremors. Janis
By SBMum
I used to be able to take rantidine as well but now I can't take that either because it, too, worsens my tremors. Now I'm totally at a loss what to use. my GI is useless.
By KathyR
I have been taking Prilosec for many, many years for my acid reflux. My OT wasn't officially diagnosed until a few years ago so I really don't know if my OT is worse or not. I did go off Prilosec last year for a brief time (took Pepcid Complete) and my acid reflux was off the charts but I didn't notice, or don't remember, the OT changing. Maybe Prilosec would work for you.

Thanks, will check that out!

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