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QUESTION - Have you...

been diagnosed with low B12 and currently being treated?
been diagnosed with low B12 and no longer being treated?
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been diagnosed with low B12 and never treated?
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been diagnosed with low B12, but results were normal or close to normal results and not needing treatment?
never been tested?
By admin
This poll is in response to a discussion on the forum about B12 deficiency. It is for general information only. Below is additional information and a link for more reading. Also, if you have any thoughts on B12 you can reply to this topic.
The association of shaky-leg syndrome with vitamin B12 deficiency in our patient might have been a coincidence. However, the fact that the tremor did not recur after discontinuation of clonazepam supports this association. We think that shaky-leg syndrome was the result of disturbances in the cerebellum or related pontine structures as a result of vitamin B12 deficiency. In fact, there is evidence that these structures may be affected by vitamin B12 deficiency.5
Link to article
By Betty
I checked the options regarding B12 and found none which apply to me.

My Internist (before I knew I had OT), was trying multiple things to help; he tried B12 on a regular basis. When blood work was done some months later, it was found my B12 was much too high, so he stopped the procedure. I hope this helps.

By Fiona
B12 was one of the things I looked at before diagnosis. In my research I discovered that there are discrepancies between countries in the level that they consider deficient. My test of about 350 was considered OK here, but I notice that other countries consider under 500 to be deficient. On that basis I started using sublingual B12. I noticed an improvement in my general health, but no difference in OT. I've now stopped taking it in advance of another blood test.

Thanks, will check that out!

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