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QUESTION - Have you...

been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and currently being treated?
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been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and no longer being treated?
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been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and currently being treated?
been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and no longer being treated?
been tested for thyroid disease but normal or close to normal results and not needing treatment?
never been tested
By admin
This poll is in response to a question by a member about polling the forum about thyroid disease. It is for general information only. Below is additional information and a link for more reading. Also, if you have any thoughts on thyroid issues you can reply to this topic.
Physiological and enhanced physiological tremor
A fine action tremor is normally present in everyone's limbs. This normal physiological tremor becomes more pronounced (enhanced physiological tremor) during periods of muscular fatigue, fear or excitement, and in certain medical conditions—for example, hyperthyroidism. It is the result of numerous factors including the heart beat, low pass filtering properties of striated muscle, motor neurone firing, and synchronisation by spindle feedback.9 Physiological tremor amplitude can be modulated by temperature and supraspinal influences, such as vision, and also by drugs that interact with β receptors.10
Link to article
By Lumpur
Hi....I'm a member here because my mom has OT aand I LOVE her more than......She had her first OT problems after she was diagnosed with thyroid problems.My first thought when she was hospitalized after having a seizure in a garden center was that the medications had poisened her.My second thought was the same and the third was: does the thyroid problem create OT?How come only 9 people have participated in this poll .I'm super-keen in finding out more about this.Is there a poll where OT patients can list all medications and conditions and diagnosis'es to find out more? Also dental history.
Thanks again for this forum.I'm a new member and have been helped by you already.
By admin
Hi Lumpur
Is there a poll where OT patients can list all medications and conditions and diagnosis'es to find out more? Also dental history.
That type of comprehensive survey will likely have it's place in the future. But currently this is a challenge due to regulations and effective data gathering techniques that restrict collecting information that is not anonymous, such as on a website.

What percent of people without OT have amalgam fillings in their teeth or Hypothyroidism? It's not that it may not be a factor but finding an underlying connection within an anonymous survey would have limited benefit with the exception of some of these basic questions about OT. But it's not impossible either.

Searching and investigating is good.

A link to a TEDmed video that may foretell the future and discusses the type of comprehensive medical data sharing that you described:

How can every clinical visit be used to advance medical science?
By Lumpur
Hi Hi to You.
Thank you for your prompt response.I love how this works.The reply from you is informative.Haven't watched the recommended TED talk "thing" yet,But I will.Before bed.
A) So, if one wanted to do a poll,one could let members download material and send the reply's back by encrypted E-mail or regular mail, to a doctor that could go through it and insure the privacy right's to get the statisticks down, right? :roll:
The value of a poll I know nothing about ,except that it might clarify and give new ideas to us.
Since I joined here on the OT forum a few day's ago, I've been reading a lot of the introduction postings.I'ts very interesting reading,Every story told here is so special.The "tales" is food for my investigative mind.
B) My mind is full of questions!
C) 8) A member of the forum recommeded a doctor to me yesterdayI.My lovely mama,got in contact with the doctors nurse today.It's great.I am very thankful for your help We'll see how it goes.I'm crossing all fingers and toes!
By vbourgon2
Hello Gloria,

I suggested the thyroid poll some time ago and am disappointed that out of 241 visits less than 20 were willing to contribute...i.e., answer a very few questions. How can we find an answer to this serious problem without a sufficiently large sample size? Is this typical?

Can we try one more time with another survey question?

"Have you every taken a Statin such as Lipitor? (I had no OT symptoms prior to starting Lipitor about 10 years ago.)

I thank you again for your excellent poll questions and very rapid response.


PS, I am a patient of Neurologist Dr Allan Wu at UCLA's Division of Movement Disorders and find him to be excellent. We and he are in need of good data.
By ElizabethCopelandUSA
I was diagnosed as hypothyroid and have been taking Armour Thyroid since 2002. Odd coincidence that my OT symptoms began around 2003?
By Nancy Linthicum
I'm responding to the thyroid poll. I was diagnosed as having. hypothyroidism in 1995, have been on same dosage since then. I estimate my beginning symptoms of OT probably started a few years eariler. However, I had been checked several times for suspicion of thyroid problems even when I was a freshman in college, i'm now about to be 77. There were no confirming of thyroid problems until 37 years later!!! Perhaps, those years of non-treatment damaged my nervous system. I have now been on synthroid for 20some years and my OT problems are progressively worse. Hopes this helps with the poll.

Thanks, will check that out!

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