News from the meeting and study in Omaha NE, with DR. TORRES-RUSSOTTO

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Hello everyone,
My nephew, Erik is a journalist and a few years ago I asked him if he would consider doing an article on OT to raise awareness. He had recently graduated from university and said it was indeed an interesting story and he would consider it in the future. Erik lives about a 2 day drive from me in southern Ontario so I don't see him too often.

I received an email from him about awhile ago as he had heard about the Omaha meeting/research. He is now working for Canada's main radio broadcasting company - the CBC. He said if I thought it would work, he would approach his management about him going to Omaha to do a story on OT when we were there. He got the approval and travelled to Omaha and interviewed OT people and Dr. Russotto of course.

This is just wonderful news as this will be broadcast - nationally - right across Canada and as he says below it is also available in the United States and will be available on their website. I will get all the details when the broadcast will take place so that everyone who is interested in listening can.

I asked Erik to give me some initial details:

"So, this piece will be broadcast across Canada on The Current, which is also available on Satellite radio in the United States, and it will also be posted on the CBC website.
You can tell everyone that the focus of this story will be on orthostatic tremor and the experiences of the people living with it, but also about the journey to get diagnosed and how the medical system handles rare conditions."

Keep an eye on the forum and we will announce the details once we know and give a “link” that you can go to to, to listen to the broadcast.

Maybe others will think of doing something similar to help people out there who are struggling with this we know and who have not got their correct diagnosis.


Again, you have stepped up and are REALLY getting the word out regarding OT.

To have your nephew go to Omaha and interview people with OT as well as Dr. R and know this will be broadcast all over Canada and we, in the United States, will also be able to listen; awesome!

Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do. Most appreciated!

Hi Rich and others,
As soon as the broadcast is ready Erik will be notifying us and also providing us with a link that we will be put on the forum and we will also provide a date in case some want to listen in live. I will email everyone I have in my contact info also about this.

Also - excellent job on your reporting Rich!

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