News from the meeting and study in Omaha NE, with DR. TORRES-RUSSOTTO

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By Betty
Hi there!

Chris, I was looking forward to the meeting as well, but it just didn't work out this time. Perhaps the next meeting Paul and I will be able to attend.

Yes....I seem to be on this site a lot, and have made some wonderful friends. Hopefully there will be another meeting and you and I will both be there and will have the opportunity to meet. It's always nice to have a face with the person writing.

Enjoy your trip to Omaha, safe travels.....I know you will meet some wonderful people.

By janet2QX
I am looking forward to the meeting in Omaha. It will be my first meeting with you. It will be so affirming to meet the people who write on here. I have not written much other than introduction although I do read the forum. We are traveling a much shorter distance than most of you. We will drive in in time for the dinner on Thursday night. My husband is coming with me. Looking forward to Thursday.
Janet in Sioux Falls, SD.
By Betty
Hello Gloria,

This is a very nice card; not really sure what it is, but I do like it and am sorry I won't be in Omaha to receive one.

I so hope there will be a 4th meeting and I will be able to attend.

I hope everyone has a wonderful "get together" and I will miss seeing everyone and meeting the new people who will be there....perhaps next time.

Good luck...

By admin
Hi Betty

The is a small poster that will be in the hotel on a board with event news. It was posted here so that everyone can be on alert if they see this at the hotel.

You will be missed at the meeting! Best wishes to you and Paul.
By Betty
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the clarification on the poster; it is really nice and certainly will be easily seen by all OT people at the hotel.

Paul and I are sorry we are unable to attend this meeting because it seems there will be quite a large group.

I will be eager to hear and read all about it.

Thanks for your best wishes, and I send mine to you and Beth.

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