News from the meeting and study in Omaha NE, with DR. TORRES-RUSSOTTO

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Hello everyone,
I have not posted in awhile as we are still waiting to hear on the final approval for the research that Dr. Russotto is planning.

I just wanted to remind everyone that as soon as we have this final approval and he notifies me I will post all the information on the research in case others are waiting to see about this to decide on whether or not they want to make the trip to Omaha.

He has advised me that he would like as many OT participants as possible.

In this regard, please keep in touch with the forum.

Thank you

Wonderful news about this meeting and study. My husband and I will definitely be coming from British Columbia for this event. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you and taking part in the study. I have emailed Peggy as requested. Thanks so much for all your hard work Peggy on putting this all together.
It will be wonderful to meet with other people who understand what my life is like and a real bonus to meet Dr. Torres-Russotto. I can hardly wait.
Chris :)
Hello All,
I have been absent from this forum for awhile but you all have never been far from my mind. Very pleased to hear of the event planned for late October and the research study that will start there. I will be braving the air transportation system alone this time all the way from Panama in Central America to attend (wish me luck). I have already booked my flights today and I will be at the OT meetup as well as be taking part in the Research Project where I will try to fit into one of their test tubes.
I will be writing to you tomorrow PeggyinCanada and responding with my intentions to attend as you have asked us to do in your very welcome email.
Blessings to Gloria and you and all the others who are striving to make this support network help us all find the help that we so desperately need.
Rich Young
Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama
Hi Rich.....Good luck with your travels. My husband and I will travelling from British Columbia to Omaha....probably by it will be a long trip for us. We actually enjoy taking road trips so it should be fun and well worth it. We are looking forward to meeting you and everyone else as this is the first such meeting that I have been able to attend. See you soon. Chris :)
I am so happy to report that there is this meeting and research. I still have never met anyone with my symptoms. My husband and I will be attending the meeting in Omaha. I will be so interested to meet others with OT. I was diagnosed in Rochester in November of 2009.
Thanks to Gloria and Peggy and many others for getting this rolling.
Janet in Sioux Falls
Hi everyone!
This is Sharon, Stella's daughter. I met many of you at our last meeting in Atlantic City. I'm so glad some research is beginning to happen! Hopefully enough doctors will find out about OT to help people get earlier diagnosis.
Looking forward to seeing you in Nebraska!

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