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The NORD Research Grant Program has announced the availability of a 1-year grant of up to $30,000 for a clinical research study related to the diagnosis and/or treatment of Primary Orthostatic Tremor. NORD is currently seeking proposals. Details along with RFP and Abstract proposal forms are available from the link below.


Whether anything will develop from this project is unknown, but something is being done and that is a step forward. We may even learn what OT isn’t, and there is success in that result too. And awareness of OT grows as new research ideas are considered, pursued and published.

OT will be the focus of this NORD research project because of your help, and for this we are all thankful. We grow as a community.


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2014 NORD Orthostatic Tremor grant update -

The NORD OT fund reached it's goal earlier this year and announced the availability of $30,000 for clinical research related to the diagnosis and/or treatment of Primary Orthostatic Tremor.

NORD published the OT Research grant information in public on their website and to the following organizations. The individual organizations also continued to spread the news of the research opportunity both in the public and within their own network. The NORD Medical Advisory Committee has received proposals and are continuing with the process to launch new research into OT.

• American Academy of Neurology
• Aptes Association
• Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders
• DENT Neurologic Institute
• International Essential Tremor Foundation
• Movement Disorder Society
• National Ataxia Foundation
• The National Tremor Foundation
• NIH/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
• Parkinson's Association
• Society for Neuroscience
• Tremor Action Network
• University of Virginia School of Medicine Research
• 42 individual researchers

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