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Hello everyone from Peggy
Just received this update from NORD on Dr. Meunier's study:

Here is Dr. Meunier's interim progress report from her study titled :Is Cerebellum a Potential Therapeutic Target for Primary Orthostatic Tremor (POT)? -- A Pilot Study --

"Our aim is to find out whether an artificial stimulation of the cerebellum (a part of the brain situated at the back and bottom of the head) can improve the orthostatic tremor. To that end we stimulated daily for 5 days, 9 patients with a primary orthostatic tremor. The amplitude of the tremor was measured before and after the stimulations by recording the muscle activity of the legs while the patients were standing.
After the stimulations the patients found that their tremor was not improved, yet the muscle activity caused by the tremor was clearly decreased. This suggests that the stimulation was effective but not enough to be felt as beneficial. In the same time we scanned the brain of the patients by using MRI. The analysis of the brain images has not been done yet."

FYI, just to make sure the above information is clear, when Dr. Meunier writes about, "artificial stimulation of the cerebellum," she's referring to TMS -- trans-magnetic stimulation (nothing invasive!).

This is Dr. Meunier's first six-month interim report. Her study is to go on for 18 months, so her next interim report is due around October, 2013.
By margie1930
Gloria, The report from Dr.Meunier in france is very intersting and encouraging. Is anyone in this country following up on this work/ I will be following this work and hoping to hear of greater sucess. I wish someone ( Univ.of VA. would pick up on this. I am so hopeful that the answer lies in this approach. I hope you use your influence--much more than mine-- to forward this research. I would be happy to be involved in any research. Margie
I am presently waiting for a final report on this study which will be sent to NORD by Dr. Meunier.
NORD will not be paying out any final payment to Dr. Meunier until this report has been received so that was good to know.

This report is overdue and I had contacted the Head of Research at NORD and he is also aware and is waiting for this and as soon as he gets it, I will pass the report on to the forum where everyone can read it.

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