OT discussion on Talk Radio Europe

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OT discussion on Talk Radio Europe

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On Feb 17, 2010 through the efforts of Mike and the wonderful Hanna Murray of the Hannah Murray Show on TalkRadioEurope.com, both Gloria and Mike were interviewed and spent a couple minutes discussing OT with Hanna Murray.

Click to play interview

Click to read about the Hanna Murray Show
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Re: OT discussion on Talk Radio Europe

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Thank you both, -Mike and Gloria for your input on behalf of all of us that suffer from O. T !!!
Interesting interview-describes it to a tee!
God Bless, and Gloria- thank you so much for this site!
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Re: OT discussion on Talk Radio Europe

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Dear Gloria,

I have just checked the forum today and found it is up and running again; I am thrilled!

I just started at the top and found the link to the interview with you, Mike and the Talk Show host as well as the doctor. I thought you and Mike did a wonderful job explaining things.

I must also give a "shout-out" to Mike for his part in getting the interview together. You are really working hard too, Mike; my thanks to you as well.

Keep up the good work.

Betty 8)
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Re: OT discussion on Talk Radio Europe

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Dear Mike and Gloria,
Thank you so much for getting the word out for the OT people. Good to hear your voices!
I have not heard recently from the neurologist who listened to us when we met in Rochester MN. Sometimes I send him information from this site. I know he is still doing research from all the tests that were done on my body. I will send him the radio broadcast and hopefully get some feedback. Perhaps my expectations are too high. Listening brought some comments to mind of my condition. If I am standing on a floor that slants downward I notice it to be more difficult to stand. I also compensate by "locking my knees" or leaning my legs against the pew behind me in church to be able to stand longer periods of time. As you have mentioned leaning forward on my arms only transfers the tremors to my arms so I imagine everyone around me can see me jumping to my own beat. Not to the music playing in church!!
Take care and thanks for all your efforts to get the word out on this condition.
Lorie M
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