Mini-meetings are great !!!!!!!!

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Mini-meetings are great !!!!!!!!

Post by gloria »

I’m very happy to see that Ann (Golfnut) posted a possible mini-meeting while she is in Ireland. Her responses so far are good, where she thought she was going to meet with one there will now be four. I know from experience that this will be a very rewarding time for all. As you might have read on the site that I have done this a number of times thru the years with people that live within a reasonable distance from me. As matter of fact I’m meeting two old time OT friends on Tuesday , September 17th. I live in Essex County , New Jersey and if anyone would like to join us please e-mail me for time & place.
Anytime you meet with another OT person it is a time where understanding is present and that is so refreshing . I encourage others it do this too , and hopefully this can lead to possible support groups.

As always , Gloria
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Re: Mini-meetings are great !!!!!!!!

Post by golfnut »

Dear Gloria, dear all,
The Bray mini-meet will be my second initiative as I set up a true minimeet in Vancouver May 2012 - just the 2 of us. But two is all it takes to make a mini-meet! Great fun and very interesting.

So, yes, I started the Bray initiative and thanks to Catherine we'll set a new "nutty-mini-meeting-record" - being four!!

It is a special feeling to meet others that have the same experience as you. Someone who knows truly and really the silly feeling of not being able to stand and put on make-up in front of the mirror the way you always have, or brush your teeth. Someone else who knows exactly how it is to try and meet and chat to a friend down town: "Very nice to see you dear, but can we go over here and sit down - NOW!"

My situation this time will be diffrerent though. I've been there, know it all - but now it's almost a year since OT became a shadow instead of a constant companion. I hope to share something positive..

Anyway - try the nutty way friends!
When you travel and have a some spare time, reach out to OT'ers in that country, state or region. It's a great possibility to learn, share and make new friends. No need for a huge meeting, a mini meeting over coffe, lunch or dinner is the thing!

warm regards to all,
(and there are seats open around the table in Bray, Ireland if someone wants to join us)
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Re: Mini-meetings are great !!!!!!!!

Post by Shorty »

I know this post is three years old but the thought of a mini meet would really help deal with the isolation OT causes. There are things I can no longer do with my friends but more important would be a chance to develop a small support group of friends with OT -even just talking to someone else over the phone with it would help. This is the problem of having something rare. If we had breast cancer for example, there are multiple support groups to access. I am in Ontario. Any interest?
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