how to view the latest posts, registering problems, change the type size.... etc.
I have been a registered member for several months, and have had great difficulty using your site.

I am not terribly "computer savvy", and would appreciate a brief summary of how to post my news/inquiries. I would appreciate any information anyone can offer me, as I feel very isolated with this disease, and feel your site could be a good support system

Noel from New Hampshire
Hi Noel

There are many topics and quite a bit of information to uncover in the OT forum, but once you become familiar will the forum software hopefully it will become easier. Below is a screen image of some of the main areas of the forum, if you have specific questions please post them here and either I or some of the members could try to answer them.

Here's a link to frequently asked questions about the forum software - LINK

best regards,

admin (jeff)

I have been looking at this site before finding it difficult my neurologist does not even no you exist Dr e fernandes of daren't valley hospital Dartford Kent England thought I was looking at pots something to do with heart tremors now on Gabapentin 100 mg walking fine at moment but not standing
Hi Vanna and Mark -

If you are logged in you have access to all areas of the forum. Since you have posted here with your usernames then you are logged in. When you sign in with your username and password, check the box that says "Keep me logged in" this will extend the time you are are logged in. Although, at some point you will need to sign in again. When this happens you will be simply be asked to login.

Confirming that you are logged in is different for desktop computers and mobile devices:

Desktop or laptop - your name appears the upper right of the screen. It would say - Welcome "yourname". You are not logged in if you see "Create account - Login"

Mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet you would click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top that symbolize a compressed menu. If you find your name then you are logged in, if not then you would see "Create account - Login"


To see the members list, as mentioned above you would need to be logged in. The depending upon how you view the website, mobile or computer the way you access it is slightly different.

The easiest way would be to first make sure that you are logged in then click on this link - Members

Here is the sequence for the mobile device.

• select the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right for the drop down menu
• you should see - Welcome "your name", if it says "login" or "Create account" then you are not signed in.
• choose "Forum" from the menu
• then choose "Members"


To see the members list on a desktop or laptop:

• first make sure the you see your name in the upper right of the screen - Welcome "yourname".
• click on "Forum"
• then choose "members" from the drop down window


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