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"I received an email about a new message on the forum, but when I go to the forum it's not there?"

Often people register in forums on the internet to sell "stuff", they are often referred to as "spam". I try to delete the members as soon as I see the messages but I can't retract the emails that have been sent out. So, if you are directed to a forum post and don't see any new messages it may be because of this.

And, there are times when I don't catch them right away, you are always welcome to send me an email or eventually I will find them. Selling of "stuff" is not allowed on this forum and you should always stick the rule... If someone needs to sell you something, you probably don't need..... especially on the internet.

But...... this doesn't mean that if you have found something that is directly related to OT, or a new folding chair, etc. you can't post information about it on the forum. This just means that you shouldn't be posting links to sell cars, jewelry, enhancement products etc.

regards. admin

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