how to view the latest posts, registering problems, change the type size.... etc.
There have been some questions as to how to easily view new posts since last time you visited the forum. With the number of new posts increasing it's easy to miss new forum messages. The key is to login when you visit the forum, the forum can then show you only the new posts. And when you logout it will keep a list of the new posts for the next time that you visit.

1. login
2. click on "view new posts"
3. this will show a list of posts since your last visit ( if it's been a long time since you logged in it may be a long list, but next time it will only show the few that you have not read.
4. log out.


** If you don't see the link "view new posts", you may be in one of the discussions. First click on "Board Index" (upper left of page under theOTForum logo) to navigate back to the main page of the forum.

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