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By Lake of the Woods
Hello everyone,
I just received the video that we had made of Dr. Matsumoto's presentation in the mail today. Unfortunately it was not ready for me to take home when the meeting was over on Sunday so I had the fellow taping it send it to me first to view and ensure all was well.

Now I have to mail it to Jeff who will put it on the website. You will have to be patient a bit longer as the mail between Canada and United States is "extremely slow". It took 10 days for me to get it so allow another 10 for Jeff to get it and then he will have to do this thing and get it on the website.

By George Allen
I tried to access the video and received a message that I needed quicktime to run the file.

When I went to the directed site, it indicated that the version of quicktime required either Windows XP or Vista.

Since I am running an older system with Windows 2000, I will not be able to access the video.

I am not sure why this format was chosen, as I regularly assess video information from multiple web sites using Windows Media Player.

I am sure that I am not the only one interested in the video who will not be able to view it.
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