The whole gamut of stools

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The whole gamut of stools

Post by Jennifer »

A stab at a comprehensive listing of stools for orthostatic tremor:

The listing is customized for people with orthostatic tremor. Here are stools and upright chairs we might use in situations when other people would stand up. All are either collapsible and/or height-adjustable and/or on wheels.

Sources: camping/hunting/fishing gear suppliers, medical suppliers, ergonomic workplace furniture, an aviation retailer, photographer supplier, nurseryman’s supplier, and even a musician’s website. (The list ignores a many types of stools and chairs I didn’t include: lounge chairs, stools that are conventional furniture, back-supportive furniture.)

Caveat: The specific models listed aren’t necessarily the best quality, nor the best design, nor the least expensive. If you see a type of stool you want, use Google to search for the version and/or price that suits you best.

The stools below are organized into three main groups:
"PORTABLE" that could be toted around for use in public places,
“TRANSPORTABLE” that could be schlepped somewhere once a day or so, and
“HOME / WORKPLACE USE" rolling &/or height-adjustable &/or collapsible and
“OTHER” for accessories and miscellaneous.

Details to consider when selecting a stool:
-STABILITY: How stable is it as we climb on and off? Stability is better when the stool is short, has broadly spaced feet, has 4 or 5 legs, and has legs that are locked into position. (You can improve stability by installing rubber foot cups instead of plastic foot cups.)
-COMFORT: Will we sit briefly or sit for a while? Is the seat big enough to be comfortable? Is the seat fabric, cushioned, contoured, or just a plain plank? If you have tremor in your lower torso while seated, would you feel more stable with back support or a bigger or softer seat?
-PORTABILITY: Is it compact & light enough to be portable while out in public? Can it you ote it hands-free using a shoulder strap? For home use, how easily portable from place to place? Once collapsed, is it small enough to stow in a car, on transit, or in luggage?
-CANE HANDLE: Disadvantages: The cane handle adds bulk and length. Advantages: The cane handle means you can readily lean on the stool. The cane handle often eases and speeds the set-up process.
-QUICK SET-UP: If it folds or collapses or telescopes, how quickly can it be made sittable? Can it be set up with one hand? How easy to re-collapse it? (Most of us can’t stand still long enough to fuss with set-up or take-down.)
-HEIGHT: The height of the seat matters for interactions with others and/or for working in the kitchen, etc.
-EASY ADJUSTABILITY: For stools with adjustable height, does the height adjust with a quick touch while seated (expensive & heavy) or must one dismount and fuss with it? (In the kitchen quick adjustability is really handy.)
-FEET: For use in sand or mushy ground, seek large feet.
-DURABILITY: We might use a stool multiple times per day. One risk point are the weight-bearing junctions between fabric and metal.


*Short collapsible tripod: Folds to the size of water bottle, e.g. fits in your luggage. Low-to-the-ground stool if you're agile enough to get up & down. Not very stable. ... 10=41306WC

*Short collapsible four-footed stool. Aka fishing stool. Folds to the size of a book, e.g. fits in your luggage. Low-to-the-ground stool if you're agile enough to get up & down. Only moderately stable. ... B001GD2CQK

*Flipstick is a fold-able prop to lean your weight on, but you must provide all the balance and stability.

*The chic versions of the flipstick:

*THE CLASSIC - the ‘cane seat’ – a 22" folding tripod with hard small flat seat and a cane handle. There are lots of versions of this available, e.g. with different handles, different colors, etc: Called sport seat, handi-seat, etc.

*On this version of the classic tripod cane seat, the legs seem to spread a bit wider which could provide additional stability. ... 16547.html

*This version of the classic tripod cane seat has telescoping legs for adjustable height. ... PLST-0-CAT

* This version of the classic tripod ‘cane seat’ has a sling-type seat, and so it’s shorter, more comfortable, and a bit less stable while mounting or dismounting: ... 691&sr=1-6

*3-legged common camp stool with sling seat, lacking cane handle. This one collapses in typical fashion, but in addition the legs fold up to be ultra compact.

*3-legged sling seat collapsible stool , lacking cane handle, with telescoping legs: the seat can be 18", 22", 26" or 30" high.

*3-legged sling seat collapsible camp stool with back support, lacking cane handle. Two versions:, seat at 16” or a taller version at 20”

*3-legged sling seat collapsible camp stool with adjustable height & swiveling seat, lacking cane handle: ... _stick.php

*4-legged folding sling seat, aka ‘quad seat cane’, seat at approx 22”, AN ALL-AROUND FAVORITE:

*4-legged collapsible cane seat with a sling seat. View both websites to see it completely. ... t-supplies

*4-legged sling seat collapsible camp stool, lacking cane handle.

*4-legged sling seat foldable stool with back support, lacking cane handle. ... y_sg_img_b

*Sling seat foldable stool, lacking cane handle. ... Stool.html

*Here’s a pretty stool, just for fun. ... B0014EAPNI

*Walker aka walking frame (or rollator) with seat: two types shown here: ... -1053-2100

*Shopping cart (aka trolley) with seat: three types: (note two types)

*********TRANSPORTABLE **************
E.g. use at home or take with you to one daily destination, but too much to tote around shopping.

*Gardening low seat: ... 459&sr=1-3

*Low-to-the-ground stool on wheels. E.g. for gardening. ... item=10556

*Heavy-duty adjustable-height folding stool: 18 – 31” high weighing 11 pounds, folding to 5” thick. ... STOOL.html

*Folding ‘lawn’ chair with arms, weighs 9 lbs, folds pretty small:

*Folding 'lawn' chair with arms, fold flat and put it on like a backpack, 9 lbs:

*Heavy duty, adjustable-height dis-assemble-able chair with backrest & footrest: XX – 36” high. 16 lbs.

*Folding 4-legged stool and the seat isn’t small: ... stool.html

*Inexpensive adjustable-height folding stool with 4 wide-spread legs ... B001TVFTSW ... e-PQ69.htm

********USE AT HOME / WORKPLACE *****
These are big or heavy enough that you’ll probably only want to move it around the house.

* A variety of folding bar stools.

*Folding bar stool with a back: ... d=10752301

*Moderately-priced adjustable height stool with backrest ... A02-ICA273

*Rolling stool with pneumatic lift: First one is a budget price!

*Rolling saddle stool with pneumatic lift:
The seat is a broad saddle shape like a horse saddle, which takes some getting used to but has advantages: I'm more rooted and stable so I can reach and lean to either side, with force, and not topple over. Plus having a foot on each side makes me very agile to swivel and push off so I whiz around the kitchen. I tried a cheaper version and the overly wide saddle was uncomfortable.

*Rolling stool with back/chest rest – you could lean forward against the arm. ... -PQ430.htm

*This one has it all: rolls, easily adjustable height, you can lean forward or backward against the vertical support, scoot forward for more of a straddle position, plus you can add a headrest and/or a footrest. Capisco.

*Swivel bar stool that Mike likes: ... alnut.html

*Perching tall stool with sloping seat with adjustable height: ... imize.html

*Perching stool with adjustable height. ... ools.shtml

**********OTHER **************

* Auxiliary cushion for the tripod cane seat:

* Auxiliary shoulder strap:
Option #1: Can’t find it now, but somewhere there’s a shoulder strap that at each end has Velcro-wraps that you place around your stool’s legs &/or cross brace tubes.
Option #2: Get round metal key rings (any hardware store) known as split rings. Dissasemble your stool as necessary to slide the ring around the stool's legs &/or cross-brace tubes. Experiment with placement of the rings so the stool will hang comfortably and vertically when you pick up the carrying strap. Get a shoulder strap with swivel snap hooks at each end. Here's a link to a picture of the snap hooks - http://haohann.manufacturer.globalsourc ... c-Hook.htm.) Here’s a link to a shoulder strap: Either use a big split ring to accommodate the snap hook, or add a second smaller split metal ring to act as a chain link between the snap hook and the split ring that's around the stool's leg.

*Rubber tips for stool feet: I swap out the plastic foot tips and use rubber foot tips instead (common in hardware stores or wherever they sell canes). The rubber feet 'grip' better on slick floors and make me feel more secure. But buy extra rubber foot tips because you'll wear through them. Try putting an american penny or a washer (hardware store) inside the rubber foot to prolong the life of the rubber foot.

*Deluxe tips for canes, etc. ... e+Tip.html

*Minimalist wheelchair, weighs 17 lbs and folds up small: ... -carry-bag

*Perhaps one could retrofit a cane seat with wheels / castors?

*Unusual back brace: Does your lower back get tired? Here’s a brace you wear outside your clothing, and only while sitting to support your lower back

*Super short monopod stool you strap on so you can reposition yourself with hands free, e.g. while gardening. Your legs must provide 100% of the balance and stability, so might not work for folks with OT. ... newway.htm

I got laid off and have some time on my hands. It was fun to research this - found some good items I hadn't come across during ten years of being an OT 'gearhead'.
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Re: The whole gamut of stools

Post by jolarson »

Jennifer - Many thanks for such an incredible list. You put so much time into researching all these stools, etc. that will be invaluable to all of us, just amazing! I have been using the classic cane seat for a number of years and it still works for me but I'm going to investigate getting the shoulder strap for carrying. I have also been looking into a stool with a back that has rollers that I can use in the kitchen for cooking. So thoughtful of you and you've made it so much easier for all of us. Thank you, thank you!!!
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Re: The whole gamut of stools

Post by Jennifer »

Hello Jolarson - Thanks for voicing your appreciation. I just found a shoulder strap that at each end has Velcro-wraps that you place around your stool’s legs &/or cross brace tubes.
Take care,
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Re: The whole gamut of stools

Post by jolarson »

Jennifer - You came through again!! I am so grateful because this is exactly what I've been searching for and I ordered it immediately. So excited to receive it and it should make life a little easier. Again, many, many thanks for the immense researching you do for all of us. Lots of smiles from here!!!!
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Re: The whole gamut of stools

Post by jolarson »

Received the strap and it is perfect, exactly what I need. It will help so much when I need to carry the cane seat and I can just slip the whole thing over my shoulder. I really recommend this to anyone using a cane seat. The only thing I might have to work on is shortening the strap a bit which is a very easy thing to do. Thanks again Jennifer.........
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Re: The whole gamut of stools

Post by Eye Poker »

I now carry a small hunting stool in both my vehicles. I rarely use them but it's nice to know they are there if needed.
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Re: The whole gamut of stools

Post by Angela »

Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to put this list together and post. It was really really helpful..
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Re: The whole gamut of stools

Post by DonnaJean »

Appreciate this post! Great ideas. I bought this stool and it’s wonderful! I went to family gathering and sat on it for an hour and a half out on their deck. The cushion on this stool was worth spending the extra money for me. ... UTF8&psc=1
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