Keto Lifestyle and the reduction of tremors.

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Keto Lifestyle and the reduction of tremors.

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Does anyone else have any experience with a Keto lifestyle and the reduction of tremors. My tremors seemed to have become less since I have been on Keto. I have lost 85 pounds in 6 months. Keto is said to help to create a better balance in the brain between glutamate and GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid). Gabapentin simulates the effects of GABA which acts as a calcium channel blocker.
It may just be worth a try for those that have tried everything else.
I am only speaking from my personal experience and have no medical experience, but like others, the collective sum of our experience sometimes drives towards a solution in the medical community.
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Re: Keto Lifestyle and the reduction of tremors.

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I don’t think anyone checks this forum very often because when you post you often don’t get replies. I did Keto last year for about a month & did notice a small improvement in the OT but also improvement in joint soreness & movement in general. Do you think your large weight loss is a factor too? Anything improving your general health would help I would think.
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Re: Keto Lifestyle and the reduction of tremors.


I have been on Keto for about a year along with not eating any gluten products. I personally think it has made a Big Difference, most inflammation is gone , balance seems better. About 2+ months ago, I started going to Gait and Balance training twice a week and following up with at least 2 more in home personal sessions. The Wellness Center where I go, provided me with all the exercises visually. All I needed was to purchase a balance pad and 2 jelly pads from Amazon.
As for medications, I take 1,800 mg of Gralise with dinner and 3 0.5 mg of Klonapin , one a bedtime, one when I wake up and one, 5 or 6 hours later.
Have tried Nuropro and did not like how it made me feel, also tried Ladopa and Rytary. I think is trial and error with those drunks.
Gait and Balance training, reducing alcohol intake have helped. Tried decaf coffee too but not effective for me. At 72, I play golf, mow my own lawn but actions requiring me to stand for a short period of time, cause not only the OT to react but entire body shakes. Use lots of energy when standing too long. Hang in there, it could be worse.
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