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By madmaine
I have been looking at this product and it may fill a niche for my wife who has OT. In September 2019 she had open heart surgery in boston and we have to go back in January for some follow-up. Her OT has gotten worse and I'm concerned about getting her from the bus South Station terminal in Boston to the taxi stand outside. Has anyone seen or is maybe using this product? From what I can determine from the advertising it's primary use looks like grocery shopping etc. not so much for Air/Bus travel, but, I think it would work for light duty traveling? Thanks
By Theresaann
I would not think this product would be good for OT. I suggest a "Rollator Walker" - a walker with four wheels, hand brakes, a seat, and a pocket under the seat. There are other accessories available to attach if more carry space is needed. I suggest this because the hand holds are better for balance and the seat is more sturdy and larger. I have used one for two years and cannot do without it. I bought it on line from Amazon. The price was much less than purchasing it from a medical supply store or even a large-chain pharmacy such as CVS or Rite Aid.
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