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By Patty G
I wanted to let folks know that we should always be careful when we think that a pain is OT. I fell in September and was going to my chiropractor for adjustments. In early Oct. he said he thought something else might be going on and I should go to my primary doctor and make sure we weren't missing something. Long story short, the referred pain that I thought was coming from my back was actually liver cancer. I am now living for the next six to seven months in Colorado (hundreds of miles from my beloved Alaska) undergoing treatment for a rare (where have we heard that word before) aggressive bile duct cancer. It is stage 2 and I plan on beating it but I was taken totally by surprise that it wasn't my OT.
By admin
Hi Patty

I’m sorry for what you are going through. Thank you for posting this caring information to help others.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

YES, beat this thing! and hoping you get back home soon.

Hi Patty,
I am so sorry that you are going through this. My thoughts are with you! You always struck me as a determined type of person - not one to back off anything so that will be a big factor in helping you get through this.

Keep us informed as your OT family cares about you,


By Patty G
Thank you, Teresaann, for your kind words. I have always had pain in my back from OT. If you place your hands flat on your back just above your waist, you are over what I call my OT muscles. These are the ones that tell me when I need to sit down and if I ignore them, they sit me down!
By Theresaann
I never associated those aches with OT! It never donned on me that I never felt them before until OT. Same thing happens to me. I, for three years, have thought it was just my back problem acting up. Thanks for sharing that info.
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