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Hi, I want to buy the app but it’s no longer available in the app store. Is there any way we can reach out to somebody to get it back on? Before I have to spend thousands of dollars on a neurologist I would like to measure the tremors myself. The apps that are available for ios are pretty useless.
Who can help?
The following link describes the use of LiftPulse and iSeismometer. Liftpulse is no longer available on iOS as you have discovered and was dropped after the company was purchased by Google. iSeismometer is a less user friendly app but one of.. if not the earliest apps to be used for human tremor testing after originally being developed to record earthquakes!

StudyMyTremor should be a good alternative to the above apps. Even though StudyMyTremor has a fixed 1 minute sampling time, it will show ( in the details page) the predominant peak. So if you can only stand for a short period and you sit for the remainder of the time the detail page should give you a useful chart. Screen captures would be a good method of conveniently and quickly saving the charts. The technique described in the following research should be helpful: ... mdc3.12547

The phone was placed just above patella on the quadri-ceps tendon while sitting and it was held in place with a tourniquet. Recording started after the participants stood up(Fig. 1). App1 displays frequency power spectrum with a visible peak on the graph along with a software detected peak frequency as a number (Fig. 2). In App1 we recorded both the “predominant peak” (provided by the app), and any visible second peak (see results). If any of those two measures showed a tremor within the OT range, this was counted as a positive test.
I know someone who works for google and might attempt a conversation.
Verily is the division of Alphabet Inc (Google) that acquired the products from Liftware

Liftware -

Verily -

But, StudyMyTremor may do the trick. There isn't much of a difference between this and LiftPulse, and they are using the same sensors in the phone. The tremor frequency of OT is so unique that if the app results shows a spike within the 13-18hz range, combined with OT symptoms.... as the earlier report noted:

If any of those two measures showed a tremor within the OT range, this was counted as a positive test.
wishing you all the best.
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