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By bevnix
Today at the beach I used the handicapped restroom ,a man started yelling at me that I needed to wait in line like everyone else,I tried to explain but he was relentless,a little girl came up to me and said her grandfather has Parkinson's and have me a hug.How does everyone handle these bad situations? Bevnix Maine .
By adrianoconnor
Hi Bevnix. Sorry to hear you had to face an ignorant pig. Being a man and some times a bit aggressive, I would have told him what to do with himself. But my advice to you is to make a number of copies of the travel card and give it to anyone you encounter with a negative attitude. You will find the travel card on this website under the heading "Things That Help"
I have copies that I give out to anyone to help explain our suffering. I have said this many times. I feel the only people who understand the full impact of OT are sufferers like ourselves. I hope you can avoid these unpleasant people in future.
Keep smiling.
Best wishes from
Adrian O'Connor
By bevnix
Thank you so much,it was my Birthday that day too.Bevnix Maine
By adrianoconnor
Hi Bevnix. Happy birthday (belated) hope you had a good day. My family come from North Cork. My Dad's great or great-great uncle was a stone mason who worked on the Statue of Liberty. I think he was sent back home to Ireland when he finished the job. You mother-in-law might be a long lost relation of the O'Connor Clan to which I belong.
Best wishes
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