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By snickers
Wondering if any members here have had a knee replacement ?
What challenges were faced , and what was the outcome of the surgery?

I will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon in the fall, and of course have to consider all,possibilities.

Thanks in advance.
I had a total right knee replacement at the end of October 2017. Four months earlier I had a meniscus tear repair, but after a month of walking, my knee gave out again so the Surgeon said the only option was a full replacement. I was in hospital four nights and left on elbow crutches. After a week at home I was able to get around inside with just one crutch. I started physiotherapy two weeks post surgery (apart from some simple exercises while in hospital) and after the staples were removed. I had four physio sessions and was doing so well with bend, etc. that the physio said I did not need to see her again. Note that I did work very hard on my own at home with exercises (while sitting or lying down, and riding the exercycle). The only thing I had difficulty with was going up and down steps, and the physiotherapist acknowledged that the OT had a bit to do with that.The pain medications made me violently ill so I weaned off them very quickly. While the surgery itself is major, I was pleasantly surprised that it did not interfere with the OT too much. I do get occasional stiffness in my knee, and can't kneel on it, but got back into my daily walks within a month. Walking is my go-to exercise to keep my legs moving and to keep the effects of OT from totally taking over . Good luck.
Lynette Pickles, Kaikoura, New Zealand
By snickers
Thanks so much.There is stage 4 osteoarthritis in the left knee. I have been waiting 16 months for the initial consult with the surgeon,(Canadian healthcare!).
One of the many factors that obviously concerns me in the post operative course, and rehabilitation with the tremor,having to use crutches for weeks etc.
It's helpful to hear of others experiences who have The same diagnosis.

You said you can't kneel...why is that?

May I enquire as to your age? I am 67.

Thanks so much, your post Is encouraging.
I am 63 - was a couple of weeks off turning 62 when I had my knee replacement. I went private to have my operation. As my husband is still in full time employment, we can afford to have health insurance, but that will change when he retires as health insurance in New Zealand is very expensive at our age. I suspect if I had to go through the public system, I would still be waiting to see a Surgeon. Surprisingly, I had very little arthritis in my knee. I do try to keep walking every day (my Neurologist advised me to do that when I was diagnosed with OT in 2009), but I am overweight, so having little arthritis was good to know.

I can kneel on my undamaged left knee, but it is very uncomfortable to kneel directly on my right replaced knee. I suspect it has a lot to do with all the sensitive nerves and muscles having been stretched during the operation. By all accounts, it is a very brutal operation as the new joint is put in place. Also, with OT I find it difficult to get down on the ground/floor, as it is very hard to get up again unless I have a wall to pull myself up against, so I try to avoid doing that. Prefer to just stand and bend over with my legs astride to keep my balance.

Regarding using crutches, I was very determined to do away with them as soon as possible - being very stubborn helps. The physiotherapist said she did not want to know when I told her, but acknowledged how well I could walk when she asked to see me doing it with only one. For me, it was all about pushing through the pain to get back to normal (as much as OT allows to be normal) as soon as possible. When I saw the Surgeon four weeks after the operation, he told me my recuperation was much further ahead than many of his patients.

What part of Canada do you live in. We love Vancouver and the whole of BC is beautiful. Have seen much of that area, but have only been as far east as Calgary so don't have the rest of the country to compare.

Best wishes.
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