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By bevnix
Hi Everyone,Has anyone ever had fainting or dizzy spells while trying to hold yourselves up? Bev
By bevnix
Hi,it's Bevnix again,could anyone answer? It would help me a lot. Gloria your thoughts? Thanks
By golfnut
Hi. My balance has been lost due to many years with OT. I sense instability a lot, but I would not call it dizzyness or fainting. More as a gentle reminder to move or sit down.

Another thought - but this might be completely nuts... is that if the tremors are severe, and the brain is trying to cope with the instability, I suggest (but have no proof) that the brain might want to "drop you" on the floor just to solve the instability and fatigue issue. It would be a similar solution to a problem as fainting is; the brain's solution to the problem of not having enough blood, is to reduce blood flow even more and let all muscle tension go = we faint and trop to the floor.

The brain does a lot of things "for" or "with" us. So my personal view (again without proof) is that the brain could release all muscle tension = me falling down to the floor if I tried to stand with tremors for too long.

/the golfnut
By bevnix
Thank you! I am having a barrage of tests done to see if this is the OT or another issue. I think I am trying so hard to stand up it may be causing the fainting, recently my OT has progressed severely.
By Jolanda
Hi Bevnix,

I've never fainted once in my life. But I do recognise the feeling of dizziness, a kind of lightness in the head, which gives me the idea that I might faint any moment. Only when standing that is. As soon as I sit down, the dizziness disappears.
According to my neurologist, it's related to my OT. She says a lot of OT-ers experience this kind of dizziness.
By Theresaann
I know the feeling and was at first very nervous about it. Went through a brain MRI. That was not fun. Good luck with your condition. You are not alone.

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