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By gazunni
I am on day 2 of taking Perampanel. I took a shower standing up today as opposed to on the chair. I felt some slight unsteadiness but no shaking. Normally when I get out of the shower to towel off my toes curl for steadiness, while they still did that, I think it was an unconscious response as I didn’t really feel like I needed to. I was able to brush my teeth shave and also shaver my head with slight unsteadiness. Towards the end I noticed the tremors coming back. I was given about 8 to 10 minutes of standing before the shakes started happening.
I did notice that there appears to be some additional depression which is a noted side effect. Not sure if this will go away, or if it was just a bad day.
While these are somewhat anecdotal and not sure if there is some placebo effect, all I know is that it seems like it is better.
I will continue to provide my observations.

Thanks, will check that out!

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