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Dale Paules
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Post by Dale Paules »

Do any or some with orthostatic tremors also deal with tinnunitis
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Re: Tinnunitis

Post by hjjeswald@gmail.com »

Yes I do,,however, I have had it for years before OT so I'm not sure there is a connection. Being on clonazepam has helped considerably.
My ent had always told me that there was nothing to do for tinnunitis!
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Re: Tinnunitis

Post by Theresaann »

Yes. I have had Tinnitus for years, years before my OT Dx so I doubt if there is a connection. Good luck.
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Re: Tinnunitis

Post by snickers »

I developed tinnitus in January.It is in the left ear, it is a pulsatile throbbing that correlates with the heartbeat. My blood pressure and pulse are fine, I have no carotid bruits, so know it's not cardiac related.
I wonder if it is a component of pots.
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Re: Tinnunitis

Post by Grammiex4 »

Yes, I have had tinnitus for over a year. I do try to deal with it although it can be annoying at times.
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