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Cannibis Oil

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:46 pm
by gazunni
Has anyone tried medical cannibis Oil for O.T.

There are many videos on the significant improvement that people have with Parkinsons.

Re: Cannibis Oil

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:38 pm
by admin
Below is a response from Catherine -

I am also interested in the subject of cannibis oil in treatment of OT.
I was diagnosed with OT in 2018 . I am now on a cocktail of Neurontin and Xanax and despite this my disability has worsened considerably.
A few years ago I went on a holiday to Amsterdam with some of my adult family. The younger family members went to visit the coffee house while we went to have a coffee at the cafe.
The next morning my daughter gave me a chocolate brownie containing cannibis . Was a little nervous but consumed the brownie - it was delicious ! I had no ill effects whatsoever and later that morning went to visit the Van Gogh Museum ( I would previously been very reticent about visiting museums because of the standing ).
However on this occasion my daughter pointed out to me after about 30 mins that I had not once sat down . I was amazed as at that time my typical standing time at that stage would have been a few minutes at most .
I returned to Ireland and on a visit to neurologist I told him of this and he said that he would prescribe cannibis WHEN it became legal in this sweet little country . There was a lot of talk about legislation being passed to make it legal for cannibis to be used for medicinal purposes.
However years have passed and one obstacle after the other has been placed against this legislation.

There is now in Ireland a new campaign being led by a wonderful woman called Vera Twomey on behalf of her daughter Ava who suffers from daily seizures and has been on deaths door on more than one occasion. Vera knows that this medication will possibly save her daughter s life and with the support of a very compassionate politician Gino Kenny has gone to incredible lengths to get the message through to relevant politicians. She has been treated disgracefully .
I could go on but if anyone wants to know the real story just Google Vera Twomey and see how much this state has done to block her efforts.

I know I can go out and buy cannibis from backstreet and I am sure many people in pain have been forced to do this . But I want to get something that I know what it contains and I also want medicinal information regarding dosage etc for my particular situation.

All of you who live in enlightened States of U S and countries in Europe where medicinal cannibis is considered Medicine count your blessings


Re: Cannibis Oil

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:58 am
by adrianoconnor
Hi Catherine. I hope you are well (discounting OT of course) I must say that I have been taking an interest in cannabis oil. As a starter I have been looking at hemp seed oil. Last week I received 10 mil from Ireland, at a cost of €200. It has 23% CBD. So I started taking the drops last Friday. That is just 7 days and I'm still waiting to see if anything happens. You know your self that we will try anything and everything that might help. If and when cannabis oil becomes legal in Ireland I will go and see my local doctor to see what his view is on getting a prescription. I think if one us got the go ahead it might help the case for others. Keep hoping for the best.
Regards Adrian O'Connor

Re: Cannibis Oil

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:55 pm
by Catherine
Hi Adrian good to hear from you and that you are also interested in the cannibis oil. I have been in touch with Gino Kenny a couple of times and he assures me that when it is made legal as a medicine that he will make sure that it is made available to everyone who could benefit from it
I also bought this hemp oil from tried it for a while and made no difference. Maybe it will be different for you but the remains are now lying unused in a drawer . Someone I talked to who knows more than me (that would be easy) about cannibis that hemp oil is good for cooking ! Let's keep our fingers crossed on the other thing and hope that Simon H gets out of his cot sometime soon and listens to people

Miserable weather but what can we expect bank holiday weekend !

Re: Cannibis Oil

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 6:04 am
by golfnut
Hello all,
I'd like to bring this thread back to life. I'm wondering if anyone is using CBD oil for OT tremors?

Here in Sweden it is illegal if it contains ANY trace of THC. But I've also read about a prescription drug with CBD and THC that is used to help MS-patients with muscle spasms. I'm going to reach our to my doctor about this - but would appreciate any updates on CBD (Cannabis oil) and OT from you all.


Re: Cannibis Oil

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 12:31 am
by Vallis Dixon
I asked my GP about the use of cannabis oil to relieve severe cramps and muscle spasms in my legs as well as chronic pain in my lower back from scoliosis. He is not confident that it will work. In the meantime, I have had a nerve block to my lumbar area in a bid to reduce the pain level. Unfortunately, the steroids seem to have affected my legs as they are both numb. The pain persists in the spine and groin area. I will follow up on the oil as I am desperate. Cannabis oil is legal in Queensland but I have a feeling that it will be very expensive. I'll keep you posted.