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By ronwatt
As a retired medical laboratory technologist, I was wondering if there has been any research done on changes in any blood chemistry constituents measured on the blood of OT patients. I have noticed a slow but steady increase in blood creatinine and CPK (creatine phosphokinase) since the onset of my OT symptoms. Both of these constituents can be related to muscle metabolism but I have no idea if OT tremors could be a factor in these increases. These observations could be meaningless but it sure would be a step forward if there was an objective way of 'measuring' the severity of OT symptoms not to mention having a means of assessing the effectiveness of treatment options.
I would be most interested to hear from any OT patients who have had these two constituents analyzed incidental to OT diagnosis or treatment. Obviously, there would have to be a lot of research done to prove any of this(eliminate any other factor in abnormal results), but in a condition that is so subjective in symptom description, this may provide a ray of hope for OT sufferers.
If you feel uncomfortable posting results on the forum, you can email me directly.(
Please include the reference (normal) range used by the measuring laboratory for each of the constituents as well as a possible reason given by your care provider for any abnormal (elevated) values.

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