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By gloria
I know that I have made reference through the years that I take a Chair Yoga class. If you are interested in trying or are having trouble finding Chair or Gentle Yoga classes, perhaps these yoga videos might be of help or an introduction. I'm sure that it's not up to the quality of the lessons with a instructor who can adapt to your needs but for free and easily accessible videos these might be a good beginning**

Let us know if this works? And, what other things are working for you to maintain mobility and health? Have you found any other links to exercises, stretching, yoga etc that work for you?

Link to Chair Yoga videos:



**Important - everyone and every-"body" is different, consider first whether this or any exercise routine is correct for you. Listen to your body and your doctor. The effects of adrenaline from exercise (and stress, cold, heat etc) can cause problems with OT and all tremors.
By gloria
George: Pleased to hear you find Yoga helpful. Personally I have been doing Chair Yoga for 6 yrs. and as you say it is relaxing. I think it is the stretching that is good for us...... Yoga and walking are the two things I find the most rewarding for my body and OT legs. You probably have read there were two yoga sessions in Omaha and the response was also how relaxed they were afterwards. Keep up the good work, Gloria
By franann50
Hello, It has been a long time since i have checked in. I too do Chair Yoga twice a week-it is a great feeling afterwards, but has little effect on the tremors. But just feeling good for a while is a plus!! i have rolling chairs all over the house-to cook, do laundry, etc.
By gloria
Hi! Fran: Good to hear from you again and like you find Chair Yoga as a rewarding experience for OT. After a session I feel less stressed out !!!. My instructor begins every class with a session of deep breathing and constantly reminds us of our breathing during the period. Normally I find with my OT I'm holding my breath quite often , I believe it is the stress of OT that causes this so being made more conscious of my breathing is a big help to relax the tension....... Gloria

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