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By Dutch
Hello all of you,

I have written to you about a month ago right after my visit to Dr Waters.
For some reason the letter never came up,I must have done something very stupid t'is probably out in space somewhere. Sorry about that

Meanwhile I got a new computer which gave me some trouble. I lost my e-mail addresses and I think there was something from Admin but it disappeared before I could read it.
I make it short I hope I am in the right place.

My troubles are so like your's but I was never for a hundred percent sure. I wrote "do I have a Phobia and OT or is it just OT? Well I have the answer now.
Here is what Dr Waters told me,
1. You are beautiful
2 You don't look your age (86) at all.( Isn't that nice? Haha )
3 Since Gloria set up that website, I have many more patients.
4 You don't have OT because OT is a standing decease and you can stand
This is the best news of all She said thatI could have a EMG (not sure if I spelled it this way) she did not think that was necessary and it was expensive and Medicare does not pay for it anymore but I said "Yes" because I was still so surprised.After a week I called up and indeed the test showed that I don't have OT. I do have awful tremors in myfeet,legs, stomach chest and when it gets really bad in my throat too. Cooking In the kitchen feels very bad but not as bad as you OT people I suppose
That brings me back to my Phobia. I fell in nov 2009. after my knee replacement in Januari. I did not fall on my knee but there was a great fear in the second that I fell that gave me a great fear of falling what I still have. That's why I have a walker now. I can walk with a cane in the house and sometimes I walk by myself a few steps. I have to get rid of this and I will.
I don't have the tremors when I lie down,sit or walk,just like you but if any of you who have not been diagnosed and can stand, well you might not have OT either!
By gloria
Hi! Petra/Dutch: I'm so happy that you have the good news that you do not have OT? Your following thru until you received a proper diagnosis is commendable and I hope it gives you peace of mind and direction to follow. Do keep us posted and let us know how you are managing your future.

All the best, Gloria
By Blossom
Hello Petra
Lovely to hear from you and pleased that you have had a positive consultation.

It is good when a doctor gives a patient a reason why a particular diagnosis does not apply, not simply a blanket no it is not that.

Best wishes for the future
So, did I miss something here? What was the new diagnosis? What can be done for it. I would get another, and another, and another opinion if necessary to ease my mind. Is that MD a specialist in OT???
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