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Dear all,
today I got a scheduled talk with Monica that deals with energy medicine and has helped me earlier with my tremors. As you know, she (and I) believe that the tremors feed on emotional stress or emotional trauma. And after our talk and her check of my status I'll now get another medication from her and I hope to get a similar result as last time; tremors dramatically reduced to almost nothing. It is amazing how she can pinpoint things/emotions/occurrences that are spot-on with what's happening or has happened to me.
I know some feels this is humbug or "too strange to be true" and we are all free to believe or feel what is best for each individual. I respect that.
But to me, based on my own experience, I am amazed and fascinated. And positive.
I'll keep you posted of course.

Energized greetings from your (hazel-)nut.
Really hope this helps you as well as it did last time. Longer evenings coming so this will help all of us in Europe to get over the "winter blues" - hopefully.

All the best
Catherine in wet grey Ireland at the moment
Dear friends - this is a looooong post! I hope you'll enjoy it! (and that it's understandable in "my" English) :wink:

OK - this is my story today:
After my first encounter with bio resonance and homeopathy in September 2012 I was stunned and amazed as you know who follow this diary. Also a bit afraid, as the results was so very positive; tremors disappearing overnight – could this really be true? Could my severe OT tremors just go away and not return??
And yes - it all stayed great and in the end I almost forgot about OT for over a year. Then this fall (2013) the tremors came back slightly and worsened a bit over time. It was not as bad as it was before my first treatment but I was still worried.
But now, after a new treatment, the tremors are almost gone again. Amazing! How?

I have decided to write down my layman’s explanation and experience. I do this with the sole aim to give you my current interpretation and understanding. And perhaps to give hope and a way forward for someone else.

Energy medicine, bio resonance and homeopathy – these are words that might seem scary, or more related to science fiction than the ordinary (but a bit shaky) life we lead. But for me, these words and their meaning have become very important. They continue to change my life and very positively so.
I have started to read more and grasp more about energy medicine but I’m still very much a novice. So writing this does not mean I think I know it all or have understood everything. It is just a way for me to put into words how I describe things to myself (and you) in order to better relate to and grasp what has happened.

The base for my layman’s understanding is the acceptance
- That we are all filled with, made up by and constantly using energy.
- That the cells communicate and that creates energy.
- That thoughts and feelings are also creating energy,
- and that energy can be measured. (compare to studies of brain function while we sleep)

Bio resonance is (simply speaking) a method to measure energy flow. “Your mind and body are like a sea of interconnected electromagnetic waves (oscillations). If you are out of balance, physically or emotionally, atypical energy waves can be identified, resonated and treated.” (copied from the webpage of my therapist)

Apparently I’m prone to get hick-ups in the flow or clots/blocks stopping it up. So when Monica, my therapist, studies my energy flow by using bio resonance and talks to me about her findings and then sends me homeopath medication - the medicine apparently releases the clots and energy flows smoothly again. Like a plumber sorts out the drains! When the block goes away – the water flows in the drain again.

My clots are made up of emotions, negative or traumatic or just bad ones, and the fact that her medication can dissolve my emotional blocks makes such sense to me. The image (of dissolving clots) makes it understandable how and why my intense tremors can go away overnight. Of course they do – the clot no longer stops the natural energy flow!
When the clots are in place, my mind’s image is that there are hick-ups and pressure and stops and breaks in the energy flow. To imagine that these can be sensed and seen as tremor in the legs… yes, why not? I can relate to that.

I find an immense relief to have an image that I can relate to and understand. And the more I read, the more I grasp I become more and more convinced that emotional trauma, stress, negative thoughts and many other things (bad food) does affect our bodies. I do believe we can heal and help ourselves to heal – for example by releasing an emotional block.

I can definitively relate to the idea that the emotional situations that has happened recently has caused me to become blocked or clotted down with negative barriers again and that these barriers in turn lead to the tremors coming back.
Now – I’m back to a more non-tremor state again as the clots have dissolved.
Sounds reasonable doesn’t it? 

Asking me what homeopathic treatments have helped me is not really useful to you. They are specifically meant to dissolve my personal clots. And as my clots that are made up by things happening to me now or earlier means it is personal and tailor made to me. As an example the first “dissolving medication” is not the same as the one I took this time. Another situation; another medication.
On the other hand several of the homeopathic medications have “general” descriptors about what they can help “dissolve” or balance.

Now – I'll continue to read more about this. I’m definitively moving forward in learning how to cope better with the various triggers that make me vulnerable. But I am also keeping in close contact with bio resonance, energy medicine and homeopathic medications as they, without any question, has changed my live so dramatically to the better!

Questions? Sure... pass them on. But more importantly; if this feels interesting; reach out to a bio resonance practitioner with homeopatic skills, or a trained homeopath. Who knows - maybe your tremors too are due to emotional clots? And if so - they could perhaps be dissolved...

Food for thought.

Take care everyone,
your - much steadier - golfnut
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Golfnut: Thank you for :

"I have decided to and write down my layman’s explanation and experience. I do this with the sole aim to give you my current interpretation and understanding. And perhaps to give hope and a way forward for someone else." ...............

You have explained in a very comprehensive way your experience treating your OT with bio resonance and homeopathy. You have experienced relief from our OT by a different avenue of thought and treatment. I'm willing to think ' out of the box' and try to explore more about bio resonance and homeopathy treatment. Gloria
Delighted to hear that your treatment worked again - this is great with golfing season starting and all !
Now I am definitely going to seek out one of these practitioners you speak of

Wishing you continued progress and thank you for sharing

Spring has arrived unexpectedly early. Amazing; warm and sunny and the birds are going crazy, in March!

I'm leaving for a week of golf in Portugal this Friday. I have not booked any Airport assistance but will bring my Walking stick to show I need some help and then I can just ask to skip some queues if need be. My legs are not terribly happy - especially not today after some interesting workout exercises yesterday! I sometimes simply need to try and see what I can manage - sometimes it works, other times it's too much..

The OT is lurking in the background and sometimes pokes it's nose up front. I am reading and reflecting on various emotional states that I think influences by being. Hopefully, with some therapy, I'll release more fear and worries and in the end become even better. A long way there perhaps, but being med-free and coping and not being bogged down by the tremors is a fine step on the way.

Wishing you all a lot of sunshine and positive happenings!
the nut
Hi all,
the golfweek was wonderful - we had sun and warmth every day - a blessing for someone that came from the wintry north. My friend has a newly operated knee we shared a buggy all days and thus I could walk and have somewhere to sit on the course at all times. We actually played 36 holes one day... :)

As for the OT the situation is still the same; at times I feel it strongly for example when I stand to long chatting to friends. I also feel sometimes that my legs freeze if I stand too long and that feeling is really scary. So trying various exercises with my PT is a battle against fear. I need to bravely try - not back away without giving things a chance..
But the PT training does help a lot, I am getting stronger and I try to do something in the way of moving, jogging, pushups aso every morning as well. Especially stretching the legs as I sit too much during the day at the office.

But the best, for me, is when I forget that I have OT, when I do not constantlly think about how to adapt to OT but live and do what I want without worrying. A when OT comes along I manage that situation in the moment - instead of planning and worrying in advance. I think that is the best for me, not letting OT invade every moment.
Still not using any drugs at all and that is the best of all.

Spring greetings to all,
the nut
Dear OT friends,

this is to tell you that I'll probably not be posting for a while. My Mom got her alzheimer diagnose (expected but still) which means quite a lot of changes for her and my Dad. On a more positive note spring and soon summer is here - any remaining time when not working or helping family will be spent golfing!

So if you do not hear from me for a bit, rest assured that the OT is under control (still no meds, no major OT worries) and life moves forward. :-)

Take care everyone,
I promise I'll be back!

the golfing nut
Dear Golfnut: Of course it is understandable that within our lives sometimes we are required to focus on the immediate. Our minds can only cope with so much, not healthy to overload. Time finds better answers anyway. Will miss your "reporting in" and hope it will not be long before we hear from you again.
Take care, Gloria
Dear Golfnut..............thank you for that , and best wishes to you and parents ,know you will be a marvelous support ,showing already as you are clearing the way to be there for them .........

Just want to thank you personally for your input and insights wrote ,when OT kicks in I handle the situation in that moment , not worry about situations in advance .....[don't know how to cut and paste !!# ]...I needed to hear that from some one sink in so THANK YOU !!

Was taken to a crowded concert ,I was determine not to agonize about it ,knew for some months , but managed not to panic till we arrived at the venue ..........was not all that bad , used all my coping skills I have gleamed from this forum ...admit I was thrilled to see they had booked ground floor seats , so no steep stairs , all in all a good night , was Chris Kristofferson who has shown its OK to grow old softly and with dignity .....sprinkled with humor

may things go well ... you may well pop into the forum for some respite care :) xx Didi NZ
Midsummer update - just to let you know I'm here.

Having worked a bit too much I am bone tired, but looking forward to a week in Italy with golf and meetings with colleagues at a house party. Back in Sweden a trip south visiting friends - also with golf planned - will be a nice outing for almost two weeks and then the summer vacation is over.

So how does this work with OT? Quite OK I'm assuming. Abroad I play golf with a buggy so that I have a o place to sit while waiting my turn - at home I have my electric cart with a stool attached - works perfectly.
Flying; no assistance anymore (apart from entering US this fall, then assistance will be a must) - it is too much an intrusion on my wanting to walk about, visiting shops for example. Instead I ask if I can board first, or pass through customs in the priority line "due to a balance issue" and that works fine.

For the rest, I try to disregard my OT as much as possible. By not allowing it (so to speak) to be considered and worried about I feel better. OT is a problem in certain situations yes - but the rest of the time I mostly forget about it.
I will not allow OT to be an important part of my everyday life - other things are.

Wishing you all a nice summer (or winter down under)
/the nutty one
Dear friends,

today I had the pleasure of meeting with Mait - a new member to our forum and a fellow Swede. As I'm on vacation and travelling in the Southern parts of Sweden, we could meet and chat for a couple of hours.

What strikes me most is how fast I have forgotten how bad my situation was when it was similar to how bad Mait's situation is now. I have forgotten not being able to stand in the escalator, not being able to browse in clothes stores - not to mention trying on clothes in a booth without a chair! I have forgotten the problems of standing in line while shopping, of not being able to do chores in the kitchen.
I have forgotten....

I am so humbled by the recollection of how it was. And I am again reminded of how my life has changed to the better. The OT is still there but I am ambe to do almost all of the above mentioned things today. For me, OT does not challenge every day, OT does not need to be considered at every move.
I am very grateful, very grateful indeed.

your nut
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