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Dear Golfnut ...
NO PRESSURE !!#! :) But ...I`m sure its not only me waiting to hear from you , and read your thread on how things are going ...hope its a matter of news is good news ?
Sounds like your mini meeting in Ireland went well , giving those who attended food for thought ....
Do hope this finds you OK?.......
Didi NZ

Hello DiDi and all other OT'ers that follow my diary.
I'm back from a wonderful trip to Ireland. As I travel without any assistance I can float around in the taxfree shop... Very nice and if the ad's speak true I'll now become extremely beautiful using the new facial creams that I bought... ha! Jokes aside, it's nice to be on my own, shopping or not as I please. That is otherwise the main disadvantage when I needed a wheelchair before. (but cheaper - yes)

In Ireland I had decided not to rent a car as the people there insists on driving on the wrong side of the road. That felt difficult to handle on my own so I had chosen a golf resort with free shuttle from the airport to start with, then an airport coach to the next place followed by a taxi. It all went very well even with a huge bag + golfgear as well.. I played 5 different courses (the same for 2 days and then a new one each day from Friday-Tuesday). Not my best game this summer but some truly lovely courses and great fun.
In the middle of all the golfing I spent a long and super-nice evening in Bray with the OT'ers. "Read all about it" - in another thread.

The main reason for the trip was the conference that took place in the tail-end of my trip. Among the extraordenary things was that I met and spoke with the Taoiseach (PM) of Ireland, Mr Enda Kenny. A very nice person! It was a quite hard standing and waiting for him to arrive and I was quite shaky when the group photos were taken after, but as friends that know of my OT supported me and I could lean on one person as well it was ok. They felt the tremors but no one else realised the situation. I managed!!
I cannot stand for long at receptions or situations where all stand about chatting - thats for sure, but it is still so much better than before. I can manage the situation so that I stand a little bit and then sit down. Not too much fuss and I need not explain every time. I can just be " a bit tired"..

So I'm now soon "one year old" with the new situation of almost no tremors at all, no drugs and a fairly happy life!! Amazing!

Thursday is swimming and water-gym time Didi - are you proud of me?

Take care everyone!
your nut
November is here - the darkest month as there is no snow yet to reflect the Little light there is or brighten the grounds. By having a lit candle in the window, it is cosy and warm. But it is for sure a dark period.

More light in Life by changing the ways I live... I've started working out with a PT!! He's a very nice guy, we take it very slow and carefully. Which is needed as I'm weak as a baby. Really, this is not just words to get sympathy - I AM extremely weak in body after several years of not doing much but sitting at my desk.
The challenge is of course to adapt exercises to someone who cannot stand for long. So I sit mostly on a balance ball and lift weights, pull on rubber-bands and do other "funny" things. My legs feel a tiny bit worse now, I'm not sure if it is the change in use (more work for them) or a result of a penicillin cure for bronchitis I had to take or simply something else unknown. But it is not as super-good as in Ireland and the past year. Perhaps 5% more tremors today than in August?
Difficult to measure and frankly I try not to think about it too much. It's still very much improved to where I was a year ago before I started my energy medicine treatment so compared to that situation (with drugs and just seconds of standing time) I'm still miraculously better. And still no drugs.

So - the new life is to gain muscle strength, get my core and balance and posture better.

And you dear readers, how are you doing??
Time for an update I think..

Dear everyone
I've read about the amazing results brought out by correcting an eyesight-problem with glasses - tremors gone! Isn't this absolutely amazing! And me with my energy medicine; another "overnight" change of life. And there are more examples as well, brought on by food, or acupuncture or…

I have a theory about all this. A very personal, non-scientific, theory. This is what I think:

1. No-one knows where OT comes from – why we get it
2. It is some kind of brain dysfunction
3. I think it is a brain fatigue/ overflow that results in tremor!

I do believe our brains are so much more complicated than we imagine. And I’ll write more about this later on as I read some very interesting stuff just now.
But the thought that an overload, a stress-syndrome, a fatigue of some kind could make the brain send tremor-signals; isn’t that kind of a nice and comforting explanation? ‘Cause we DO need explanations… we’re humans and we do seek explanations to everything!

I’m not saying that we bring it upon ourselves, not like some kind of punishment. No – not that. But perhaps that we have overburdened our brains emotionally, somehow? That the brain is so tired it trembles - sort of? Could that make sense?
Yes – it sounds crazy I agree. But to me, it also makes sense. A brain fatigue/overload could explain (to me) why there will be so many different remedies or releases…

Interesting and mindboggling – no?

What do you think?
/your truly,
nuttier than ever…
Hello everyone and Happy new year!

I ended 2013 with a severe cold and I'm still not well - but a new year it is with new goals and hopes. On my list of goals you'll find more movement; building strength with my PT, swimming and dancing and perhaps trying more yoga. All to get in better shape and thereby help managing the tremors. So as soon as I've written this to you I'll go down and do some rowing on my machine and some lifting and stretching before breakfast.
I'll also continue to try and figure out how to be less stressed and nervous/afraid as I do think all kinds of negative feelings influence my OT. So more positive and relaxed is the motto.
We'll see how it goes..!

I wish all of you a warm, happy, joyful and wonderful 2014!

the nut
Hi Golfnut...I believe you have hit it on the head ...our brain rules OT and stress triggers how, our days go with OT...........our bodies coping with any other illness or injury just highlights the OT as our body is in stress mode ..:(
When I'm overall well and in good heart, my OT is just a niggling annoyance, until I decide to , or someone else forces me to venture off my well practiced safe path of daily life .........
But, [touch wood] I usually cope one way and another and get through it ...followed by a day of recovery last ,I now don't worry what others think !!#!
seems to me , you are really going for it fitness wise, I believe much of my energy is needed just coping with my life in general [standing at bench to prepare meal is a workout]...a daily excersise routine ,pool in my case , including plenty of core work is enough for me , so as not to trigger the body stress button in brain to tell OT to do its darn-dist !!#!

If we want to remain drug free as long as possible,I believe forced over excersise is not helpful ..but like Gloria says we are all different and need to find our own way with this OT we share
:( :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR ...take care ...
Hi Didi,
thanks for your reply.

You write "forced over exercise is not helpful" and I'm not sure I grasp what you mean completely... I might misunderstand. But in my case my PT is the gentlest of beings. There is no shouting, or pushing me to do "more and harder", no "you need to go beyond the pain" or similar rubbish. In my case he helps me to do "something" (instead of nothing) and a little bit more every time or just as many reps as feel good that day. So it is a very gentle form for workout that improves bit by bit and very slowly. :) He is not forcing me - which could be one interpretation of your words.
Another interpretation is that exercise that you yourself must force yourself to do can be negative as in anything negative is bad - and that might very well be true. But for me, I also need a bit of a push in order to do anything at all. :)

The more I do, the more energy to cope I get. And I also "forget" the OT when concentrating on other things so for me there are many positive side effects.

I’m really trying very hard to become healthier as I seem to have more tremors again now. So apart from moving more and getting stronger, I’m also reading up on ifd-foods that are anti-inflammatory. It’s been discussed here before on the forum and I’m moving in that direction now. Also adding “your” CoQ10 asap I can get my hands on it.
Hope you will have a wonderful year DiDi!
Hi ...yes on re-reading I can see how you would wonder what I mean?? :)
was saying in my opinion, enough excersise to keep up a reasonable level of fitness,[for me its pool] then daily stuff work , shopping , standing preparing food with-out pulling up my trusted high stool ,in my mind are all work outs in their own right ...

If I have a really big day ahead I skip the swim ....
I agree we all feel better with excersise that is not `work ` related ...any way that's sort of the gist of it ...:) the truth is what works for you !! :)...we all have to find a level that fits

getting ready for a 10 day bronze casting camp ....will miss my pool work outs , but just walking and wading the creek [a mini hell ..but manage] between workshop and sleeping quarters and food , will more than keep up the fitness I have ...[I touch wood as I write this :)]
The creek is probably why I got into pool excersise in the first place ...determine to keep going to the annual camp with OT as long as possible .....................take care ...Didi NZ
Dear everyone, time for an update and some thoughts..

Those that follow my story will know that I had an amazing change a year ago when my tremors drastically changed and more or less disappeared. For a year I had almost no tremors at all - absolutely amazing and fantastic. (also amazing to consider how quickly you adapt to the new situation and how difficult it is to remember life as it was before..)

This September, after a flu with super-high fever and antibiotics, I have sensed the tremors coming back a little bit again. Not at all as bad as before I was helped, but a bit worse than before the flu. It's so irritating not being able to know if the fever actually had something to do with the OT becoming worse again or if its something else! Perhaps I need a new input of energy medicine what helped last year? Perhaps worries about the elderly parents and demented Mom is causing more stress and more tremors?
I'm still off all drugs and not even near needing them, the tremors are only troublesome some mornings and in some situations. Most of the time I rarely think of them, apart from realising I think about it again (which I didn't do for over a year) if you see what I mean.
But to be honest, I worry a bit..

On the positive side I also feel that I can influence an immediate situation a little bit. The mornings when tremors are bad, I can say to myself that "stop this, all is ok, no need to worry and tremble, relax, breathe, take it easy" - and it seems to help.
Perhaps only mentally? Perhaps I do have more tremors than I think, but I manage them so well I do not feel them? So many thought without answers..

What I do now, as mentioned in an earlier post, is to read more about IFD foods and see if an increased intake of anti-inflammatory foods will help my general being. At least more greens will not be harmful! :)

Any input to the above is most appreciated,
wishing you all the best possible 2014!
Golfnut: Questions? Would like to know when you first became interested in playing golf in a country with a short playing season ??? Sorry you had a bad time with the flu and " super high fever"! In your history have you been troubled with flu or respiratory illnesses ? Stress, illness, and time does weaken our immune system so that might explain the returning of tremors a bit more.

Interesting report, Gloria
Hello Gloria and other interested parties,
the golfing season in Stockholm where I live is normally from May to October. Very mild winters, such as this one, my friends play outdoors, on regular greens until this week (!) when the first snow came. In the southern part of the country they can play all year round - with warmer clothes sure - but play on regular greens.
So the season isn't as short as one might think. But personally I play indoors from November to March/April in golf simulators, huge fun and a very good way to practice and rectify errors in the swing. So starting with golf (in 2005 I think it was) isn't such a crazy idea as one might think..

As for illnesses: I'm now turning towards more greens and especially anti-inflammatory goodies, I hope to reduce inflammations in my system and also boost the immune-system to ward of any more influenzas or bronchitis. Let' s see if it works...

EDIT: my thoughts on use of nickname previously written was not necessary and has been removed.
your nut
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Dear all,
it's silly sometimes how something can become "an issue".

But as time passes you realise you over reacted..
I have therefore decided to edit and remove some previously written material. The possibility to change posts is sometimes very handy,

Thanks for understanding,
best regards,
the Golfnut
Hello "Golfnut" and a Happy New Year to you and all. Have just returned to view your posts after a rather hectic Christmas - by that I mean constant meals for Adult children and spouses who were delighted to have" such a long break!" Me - I thought it would never end and was happy to wave goodbye to them all - loved having them but the constant cooking , shopping etc was definitely stressful. Sorry to hear about your flu and not feeling as well as before. Find it hard to believe that you are the same person I met in Ireland who was brimming with such energy that I really was in awe.
Stress I think is a huge part of tremors - I find that even thinking of an upcoming event or situation to which I am not accustomed makes tremors worse. I am sure your situation with your parents is bound to be causing stress and as you say maybe you should return for some more energy medicine.
You are such a positive person Anne( I am calling you by that name as I have met you and think of you as that even though I gather from looking at this blog that there has been some controversy about this which I missed not having been on the site for so long) that I am sure you will you will overcome all this and will soon be out playing 18 holes a day and losing shots.
Afraid I don't know anything about IFD foods but am going to try the Co Q10 and wait for the Miracle!
Very best regards
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