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By Lake of the Woods
Hi Mike,
This is so amazing - I definitely recall how you noticed when you had your heart surgery a few years ago you were planning on checking eventually about the fact that you thought that oxygen might be a factor in helping with our OT.

I plan to talk to my doctor and try this and report back.

Thank you so much for advising everyone on this.

By Betty
Hi Mike,

I just viewed your's amazing what oxygen has done for you. Like Peggy, I will question my doctor about its use.

How long is your session using oxygen? How often do you have these treatments?

Perhaps you have found something that REALLY helps; I do hope so.

By MikeS
Hi Betty
I’m not on a treatment I happen to be in hospital and on oxygen 24/7 This is the 3rd time I have been on it and every time the tremor stops
It can’t be a coincidence I just want the Drs to test it it’s inexpensive and easy to get .
Mike :D :D
By Lake of the Woods
Hi Mike,
Could you tell everyone more details on this please. Are you in the hospital to test this oxygen use for OT?

You said you this is the 3rd time you have been on oxygen and it stopped tremors in all cases.

Please give more details on the last 2 times you were on oxygen:
-Did you go in the hospital to test this theory about oxygen helping OT for one of these times?

I remember you had heart surgery and noticed your tremors went away then as you did a video and couldn't figure out "what" it was or "what" it was you took/did to stop tremors.

So, the 2nd time - what happened? Did you go in hospital? How long were you on oxygen before you noticed tremors stopping? Then did you go off the oxygen? what happened?

People would really appreciate details if they are going to talk to their Dr.'s about trying this.

Thanks Mike,
By Betty
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your quick response. I do remember when you were in the hospital for your heart problem and found at that time the use of oxygen seemed to help your tremors.

Now, this is the third time in the hospital and are having the same results; you are right, this can't be a coincidence. I do hope some neurologists will check this out. It gives me such hope!

Take care.
By MikeS
Hi Peggy
None of the hospital stays were for any tests for OT They just happened to involve 24/7 oxygen
With the 1st I had I had triple bypass and was on so many meds as well it was thought at the time it might be one of those because my neurologist said it couldn’t be the oxygen 2nd was kidney failure (I’m a walking miracle ) and it happened again I told the dr’s still not interested.
I am now in again for another problem and have been on oxygen since I was admitted and once again the tremor has gone .
This time I don’t care what the experts say without testing it That’s why I want all to see the video and at least run some tests It’s not hard test to put together a couple of nights in hospital with their oxygen Mine is run through water .
If you want anymore info let me know
By MikeS
Ok here’s update my tremor is still gone and I have an appointment with a new neurologist on Wednesday.Hopefully they will be knowledgable about OT Fingers crossed I’ll keep all informed
Keep smiling :D
By Betty
Hello Mike,

I think all of us are waiting to hear your next update. I would love to try the oxygen and see if it works for me as well.

Do Keep Smiling! :)
By Betty
Hello Peggy,

Do you plan to check with your doctor to see if he/she will allow you to use oxygen? Do you think you would need a script? If so, what would be the reason for the use?

I am eager to try this too.

By Lake of the Woods
Hi Betty,
I plan to make an appointment to see my family doctor - I don't see a Neurologist. I did in the beginning but realized fairly quickly that he couldn't do anything for me as I tried medications with no success.

I will report back on the forum what happens - might take a week or so to get in to see the Dr.

By Betty
Hi Peggy,

I will be eager to hear what your family doctor has to tell you. I don't have a Neurologist either. I have been to so many and most don't know as much as I do about OT.

Stay positive ~ I know you will....and keep smiling!

By MikeS
Here’s an update of my hospital stay
Ok here we go.My new neurologist came to see me and thank goodness is fully aware of Ot I asked if she wanted me stand up ... and she said no .. round 1 to her ! She then did a load of tests we have all had them then we had a chat about the different drugs I could take again all the usual suspects. Then I stood up and I asked if she had ever seen anyone not on meds able to stand she said no .... 1 to me ! We discussed the oxygen theory and she gave all the details of what sort Im on and what measurements I’ll post them here so people can give the details to there dr She then said it might be that the oxygen isn’t going to brain to stop tremor it’s actually just effecting the muscles (Remember please this just chat not anything more) So as to prove it not just me I suggested maybe we could get 1 other Ot patient and both do it overnight and compare notes She then said she wants her big boss to come and see me to discuss the situation So the winner is us ! The Ot community
Keep smiling 😄
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