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By adrianoconnor
I've noticed that every day some one called " winborghi" puts an advert on our site. As this is a miss use I wonder could it be blocked before people start to feel the site no longer serves the intended purpose. I look at the site every morning and expect to read and share the joys and sufferings of my fellow ot friends. There seem a lot less communication and that is a unfortunate as it is good for us all to share our stories.
Regards to you all.
Adrian O'Connor
By admin
Hi Adrianne -

We do our best to keep these people off of the site, unfortunately this one slipped through. Their account has been deleted and banned.

best regards,
By adrianoconnor
Well I must say that I am pleased that you have taken action. When you see such miss use it gives the wrong message. We can now enjoy using the site for its intended purpose. Many thanks,
Adrian O'Connor
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