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Hi Gloria,
My latest cholesterol levels are high ( LDL 4.5, SDL 5.30, S cholesterol 7 )
Is anybody who has OT, taking statins to reduce their cholesterol levels ? It would interest me which medication they are taking, how successful the treatment has been, any side effects and how long they have been on statins.
Both my Neurologist and Physician are unsure about prescribing statins, as I do struggle with cramping of my legs (taking magnesium supplements) and there is so little known about this condition in South Africa. In Cape Town as far as I know , I am the only one diagnosed with OT and in the rest of the country , I am aware of 5 others
I was diagnosed 5 years ago. Take Clonazepanm ( 0.5mg morning and evening)
Any feedback would be helpful.
Regards, Ingrid Matthee
Both my husband and I suffered from leg cramps at night. We each started drinking just PLAIN TONIC WATER (which has quinine in it). Leg cramps gone, even with just occasionally drinking it now. I am the one with OT for now and the last three years. It can be very depressing, even though I know it could be anything else worse. I have been taking Zocor (simvastatin) for high cholesterol for at least ten years with very good results. Good luck. You are not alone. Neurologists in the New England USA area experiment with medications given for Parkinson's Disease (for example: Sinemet, Gabapentin, Klonopin. Nothing has helped me. I if you look back on the comments of other OT sufferers, you will note that sometimes the meds help, and sometimes they don't; and if they do, it's only temporary; and the side effects can be daunting. There is no cause or cure or standard treatment for OT, but benzodiazepines, antiepileptics (valproate, gabapentin), beta-blockers (propranolol), and muscle relaxants are all used as symptomatic treatments, not cures. My theory is that, because there are so few of us with OT, it isn't worth it for the major pharmaceutical companies to research a treatment. Keep in mind that the name of a medication in one country is not necessarily the same name in another country.
Hello all,

I, too, suffer from leg cramps at night, as does my husband, and we have found taking about a teaspoon of plain yellow mustard, (French's) along with a glass of water usually does the trick for us. Since mustard is a bit strong; only take a small amount into your mouth and follow it with water. I do this until I have consumed all the mustard on the teaspoon. By the time I have consumed the mustard, the cramps are gone.

You might try that! Works for us.

Hello, it's me again!

Regarding cholesterol and taking statins, my husband can't take them, they caused him severe muscle cramps, but our doctor prescribed Crestor for me and I have no problems with the medication.

My cholesterol is 147; Triglycerides are 101; LDL is 37.8 and my HDL is 89.0; so it is working for me with no side effects.

Good luck,
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